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Chinese philosophy suggests that the placement of objects affect the flow of energy within the surrounding area which, in turn, affects your physical and mental health, relationships and successes. Feng Shui enables you to influence these energies by placing furniture, possessions, plants and yourself within your surroundings in such a way that balance, comfort and harmony are achieved.

But what has water got to do with any of this?

‘Feng Shui’ literally translates to ‘Wind Water’ – the two natural elements that not only flow and circulate everywhere across the Earth, but also are the elements we, as human beings, need to survive. Water holds regenerating properties for both your spiritual and physical self. With its flow, it brings good luck, prosperity and abundance which is why you usually see water fountains outside of the front of a house. They allow a positive chi to freely enter the home on the condition that the water is flowing towards the house – if it is flowing away from the house, a loss of finances may become an issue.

What about indoor fountains?

The sound of water is often found to help clear your mind and help you relax. Water also humidifies the air which increases the air quality, this makes indoor fountains brilliant to use in many interior locations, including your office, living room and personal sanctuary and not just outside. They also make great focal pieces, especially in offices as they don’t fulfil a specific purpose and therefore break monotony. Where in the room you put them is also important. To excel in your career, facing the fountain North is best. For health, it’s the East. To attract money, placement should be in the South-East.

What to avoid

For placement, avoid having two water fountains in the same room as they bring in negative results and never place a fountain in the South as this represents fire. Remember that water should always face into the room and not a door leading outwards and the water should always flow without obstacles. It’s also a good idea to avoid putting fountains beneath your bedroom as the Chinese believe sleeping over water is a bad sign.

water feature

Try not to get a plastic fountain – the water is meant to be as soft as natural rain and it runs more smoothly off materials such as copper, ceramic, slate and stone. It’s also a good idea to add a few coins to the bottom of the fountain as metal enhances water. Also, always find a fountain with a quiet pump – the sound of a pump is distracting and takes away from the calming ambiance created by the flowing water.

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