Indian Head Massage Tips

Published on 23 July, 2013 | indian head massage

Indian Head Massage Treatment

Indian Head massage is one of the most wonderful natural treatments. Offered now in many salons and can done with our without oils. If the client wishes to have oil applied to the scalp apply the oils as described below.
Start with a movement called the windscreen wiper, this will spread the oil over the scalp. The movement is very similar to hacking but is done with flat hands. Do not slap the head, but firmly rub the head and distribute the oils

Using all fingers and thumbs and outstretched hands use the petrissage fingertip friction in small circular motions all over scalp.  This has the effect of softening and relaxing tense and tight muscles. This is achieved through the loosening of clusters of muscle fibres, which tend to harden and stick together if the muscle is overworked. It also increases the circulation and helps to reduce toxins. Use firm pressure and do not rush these movements.

Using the whole of the hands, apply circular friction all over.

Make a fist and using the lower knuckles to briskly scrub all over head. This will excite the fine capillaries of the circulatory and nervous systems.

Gently stroke the head to calm everything down.

Now massage the scalp all over with the pads of fingertips. Apply sufficient pressure with the fingertips (try not to use the thumbs) to move the scalp over the skull in small circles. If there is no movement, or not much movement, increase the pressure slightly. Some people’s scalps are not easy to move, in which case the massage stroke is still applied, but without any forceful pressure.

Plucking at the scalp like a bird pecking, repeat this movement all over the head.

Tugging the hair, gently pull the hair and scalp up and together covering all of the head, tapping all over the head with tips of fingers and gently hacking the entire area.

Gently squeeze and lift the scalp with whole of hand pushing palms together. Squeezing influences the fine network of nerves and blood capillaries lying underneath the skin and forces the flow of nutrient material towards the extremities. Done with bearable pressure, this movement balances the pressure of blood and fluids inside the cell walls. By creating an even distribution of energy, squeezing helps to balance the musculature. Time 10 mins.

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