“Is your job making you happy”

Published on 25 June, 2016 | Counselling

How to become happier at work

Is your job making you happy?

how to be happy at work

The majority of people have to work  but you may not be surprised that not everyone enjoys their job? and here are 3 good reasons why not –

1. They are in the wrong job

2. They don’t feel valued at work

3. They are just working for the money


Now although these reasons will be real to a lot of people it does not mean that they have to continue down the path of no return and simply trudge into work day after day just to pay the bills until the end of their time on earth.

So lets address the first issue and see what can be done about it:- being in the wrong job in the first place is usually a choice you may have made without giving it much thought. After all you may have not really known what you wanted to do in the first place and just took a job offer simply because it was on offer or convenient .

You may have taken a job you don’t like with the thoughts of “I will do this for the time being until something better comes along” – NOTHING BETTER WILL COME ALONG when you do not even know what it is you want to do. So first thing first: ask yourself and take time to really think about this and do not start putting any BUTS in the way, such as I would really like to be a Travel writer BUT I cant afford to travel

Q1. What do I really want to do?   Answer: fill in here with something like: I would really like to be a Nurse – a Model – fly airplanes –  Become a teacher – Work with animals – become a professional Healer or therapist – Remember No Buts, just a genuine statement of what job you would really like to do..

Q2. If I was to be able to do this job, would it make me feel valued? -Yes or No will do, if NO go back and think why you would want to do a job that does not make you as a person feel valued and inspired in the first place. If  you answer Yes continue to Q3.

Q3. How much money do I really need? That should not be too hard to work out. Note  I said need not want – so think about this carefully, what do you really really need to enable you to exist and pay your bills and enable you to pay for the basics of life.

Its all about whats Going Out not whats Coming In.

If you find that you have more going out each month than coming in then you are already working from a disadvantage, and if you are doing a job that you do not even enjoy doing that makes you feel undervalued under paid and unhappy then the first step is to really evaluate your priorities. If this sounds like you then there is Good News. You have nothing to lose, you are miserable and skint, so only one way now is UP.

But How I hear you asking yourself.

Rule 1 – Always make being  happy your priority – Why – because then and only then will the tables start to turn in your favour. When you are happy you will automatically without even having to try attract more opportunities. Try and find something that you are doing already at work to make you happy. Even if you do not enjoy your job on a whole I am certain there will be some aspects of your job that make you happier than others. Try to concentrate on these.

Rule 2 – Even if you cant give up your job today that does not mean that you can not start to do something about it for the future. If you want to work with animals for instance, then why not volunteer at an animal shelter, not only will you gain invaluable experience you will be adding to your happiness, and rule no 1 is the most important rule. If you want to be travel writer but cant afford to travel, then the computer and google earth maybe your first initial gateway. Start writing about the places you would like to visit and find out as much about them as possible. Whilst doing these things, keep imagining to yourself just how you would feel if you was doing this for real and getting paid for it.

Rule 3 – Never be afraid to start to believe in yourself – The reason why most people end up stuck in dead end unfulfilling jobs is quite simply because they can see no way out of it. The first thing to do is to open the door of opportunity. You can do this in many ways. Offer to help out others whom may already be working in the career you are interested in doing yourself. Ask them how they got started. Once you have made a decision to find a job that makes you happy do everything in your power to follow that path. Read about it, learn about it, study it, be around the people whom are already doing it, and be ready to let go of your fear of failure and start believing in yourself.

Small changes – Big rewards

Even the smallest of change can bring you untold benefits and rewards once you are on the correct path. The trick is to find the path in the first place. The only way to find the path is to ask yourself the question -What do I really want to do?  sounds simple, but you will be surprised at just how many people do not even know.

Being of Service to others

Is one of the most rewarding careers. Being a carer is  both  hard work but a rewarding job. Many nurses love their jobs, they may not like their pay, they may dislike the long  hours but if you ask them why they do the job they do, then the chances are they love to help others, this in turn makes them happy and valued. A lot of natural alternative healers started their career as carers first. If you are interested in training as an alternative therapist then take a look at some of the Low cost accredited training courses that Luna Academy has to offer. The best thing is you can study in your own time so if you want to see a better future for yourself then invest in yourself today.

Become your own life coach

Requesting the services of a life coach can turn your life around in more ways than one and some amazing results have happend when people have used the services and advice from a Life coaching or NLP practitioner, however if you can’t afford to hire the services of one then train to be your own life coach. ~Who knows you may find your so good at it that you end up making a career from it. See Courses in Coaching

Key to success

Be happy  – Do a job you love –  the money will follow

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