Jobs for Tarot Readers

Published on 9 May, 2018 | Working as Holistic Therapist

Jobs for Tarot Readers

Having recently been asked about working as a professional tarot reader by a number of our students we would like to make some suggestions that have helped previous students of tarot in the past to work as a tarot reader as a profession.

Advertising your services

You may at first wish to advertise your services as a reader and you an do this in a number of ways. Rather than pay for advertising there are a number of ways you can promote yourself for free. Gumtree is a great advertising tool and you can limit your adverts to your particular area. You could also adverstise your services with local papers as most do offer free classified adverts. is another way that you can promote your services for free.

Credibilty Counts

Once you start to get regular clients word of mouth will do the rest for you. As a professional and trained reader it will not be long before you clients will do the advertising for you. This can take anywhere between a few weeks or up to 6 months depending on how many readings you are doing a week. I believe when you are putting a price on your readings that you should use the rough guide of what people would pay for a hair cut…. sounds daft I know but works. If you have taken a tarot course with one of the accredited schools from IPHM as a member you may advertise your services with them for free. This is a great sign of credibility, however if you are only offering readings from you own home you will be limited to the feedback you receive, if however you are offering online or phone readings then you will have the option of being advertised worldwide.

Blogs or Website

Why not set up your own blog or website. This way you can advertise not only your services but maybe related products you wish to sell such as tarot card, rune stones, crystals etc….

Final Note

I cannot stress enough how word of mouth is without a doubt the tarot readers best method of free advertising. If  you are working as a professional reader your clients will come back on a regular basis and recommend you to others. If you are currently working as a reader and are not already getting this feedback then consider the possibility of taking a professional tarot reading training course. Our courses have been successful for many years with many students who are now working as professional readers and making a good living. Even if you are a complete beginner our course will guide you from start to finish and advise you on everything you need to know to read the cards both professionally and ethically so your clients will come back time and time again.

Learn To read Tarot Cards Professional – Diploma Tarot Course


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