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Published on 2 September, 2012 | Accreditation

Beginners Guide To Aromatherapy

Beginners guide to aromatherapy – Learn about holistic massage which produce physical, spiritual, emotional and a sense of harmony. Special oils that can be absorbed through the skin, their unique essences inhaled which help maximise their therapeutic properties and effects. Aromatherapy is a totally relaxing experience.

This course is aimed at those of you who wish to know the basics skills involved in aromatherapy and massage. We offer a certificate with this course which will show that you have undertaken the serious study of aromatherapy and will be accredited by the I.P.H.M, however we strongly recommend that you go on to take an advanced course if you wish to continue with aromatherapy to a higher level.

Course material includes some of the following:

Introduction to the most well known essential oils

Explains how to extract oils

Carrier Oils

How your oils should be stored and the best method to make blend for use in massage

Massage and techiniques that you will use

How to make your own cold cream

Yin & Yang

Foot massage

Therapeutic oils and the benefit and treating of various ailments

Back massage

Combining essential oils and blending techniques

Porperties of essential oils, their contra-indications and uses

How to present yourself as a professional therapist

This course is an essential guide to becoming a fully professional aromatherapist. We do offer a certificate with this course,


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