Learning Holistic Therapies at Home

Published on 23 July, 2010 | alternative therapies

Holistic Training

There are so many ways now to learn on line or at home.  You can study anything from maths to rocket science if you so wish. But how do you know which is best. If you are going to take a course  on line and not in a classroom environment, you need to be self motivated. The advantages of taking a course at home are many. You can work at your own pace, although some course providers do give you a time limit. You can print your course work off to work away from your computer. You can also use your computer to help with your course work, such as looking up relevant information at the touch of a key.

You will want your course work to be clear and concise. You will want diagrams or videos where necessary. You may be happy with self study or prefer to know you have you own personal tutor on hand. With Luna online home studies you can have the choice. Prices vary depending on which way you would like to study but all offer guaranteed value for money.

All our courses offer an accredited diploma/certificate on completion. if you prefer to do your course work and have your certificate/diploma included in the price then visit Luna Studies, here you will find a complete range of holistic therapy courses.

Courses in colour therapy, healing with crystals, angel healing, reiki, palmistry, tarot and much more: – Visit  website for information on how to work as an holistic therapist and for jobs that are available.

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