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Published on 6 September, 2018 | alternative therapies

reiki attunements

Reiki Healing 

Reiki is simple to learn and one of the most effective methods of healing. Not only will you learn to heal others, but you can heal yourself on a daily basis, so you can keep yourself in tip top condition. Once you are attuned to reiki energy you will be amazed at the results.

You can use hands on or hands off, so you do not even have to touch the person you are healing for it to be beneficial or effective.  Our Reiki level 1 Certificate course will teach you all the hand positions you will need, how to balance your chakras and how to cleanse your aura. This course will help you on a daily basis and you will never again feel useless when either you or a loved one is in any pain.


Reiki Courses home study 

This comprehensive and authoritative look at reiki explains how this ancient spiritual practice can treat a wide range of ailments.

You will discover its history and development, how it works, and the everyday benefits it can yield. The book also features practical, easy to understand diagrams and pictures on how to fully utilise the healing and soothing potential of reiki.

A detailed directory provides information on treatments to combat a large number of afflictions. These include digestive problems, skin complaints, mood changes and muscle pains. There are also hints and tips on how to give reiki treatments for your friends,  family and pets at different life stages.

You can learn reiki and gain your accredited reiki certificate and get online reiki attunements and receive full tutor support.



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