Learning Tarot with the Kings

Published on 26 August, 2011 | Simply Tarot

Kings in Tarot

The Kings represent closure and completion. They are also about moving on with your life by releasing old patterns of behaviour which no longer suit you. Kings also represent brothers, fathers, uncles or older friend whom you can confide in.

King of Wands

This person is an entrepreneur and could be self-employed or working independently in either public relations or sales. Enthusiastic and help to motivate others. He is linked with the zodiac signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

In relation to work – Business prospects improve and success is within your grasp however curb a tendency for impatience.

In relation to Romance –Could be more concerned about work than romance, do not cut yourself off from those closest to you.

In relation to Money – Your finances are set to improve especially if paired with the 9 of coins.

In relation to Health – ailments associated with this King are migraines, heartburn or your sciatic nerve. All will be helped by taking a more holistic and alternative approach.

King of Cups

Whatever work this King does he will represent and reflect his compassion and nurturing aspects. He could just as easily be a counsellor, preacher or owner of a restaurant. His home is important to him and he may even seek to work from home. He is ruled by the astrological signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

In relation to work – Profit is not your sole motive and you would rather do and be happier doing something that you love rather than for the sake of earning a big pay cheque. Self-employment would suit you.

In relation to Romance – Flirtatious, adventurous and intuitive. If this card comes alongside the 4 of wands then marriage is on the cards.

In relation to Money – You will draw positive financial situations to you providing you realise that money is simply energy. Your business will improve.

In relation to Health –. Watch your appetite and don’t overdo things like eating and drinking. You will benefit from massage and reflexology.

King of Coins

This King embodies worldly success and great accomplishments. He could work in a bank, CEO, Manager and is often self-employed. He is a secure person and will only take measured risks. He is Practical with a no-nonsense approach. His zodiac signs are Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus.

In relation to work – Responsible and trustworthy, he can however be perceived as being a little dull. Projects are near completion.

In relation to Romance – If reading for a woman then this card can indicate that a man with the above qualities will soon enter her life but this man will ensure his woman is wined and dined. Travel can also be expected such as romantic weekends away. If placed with the lovers then a marriage proposal could be on its way.

In relation to Money –  Need to learn to maintain a balance between money and some fun.

In relation to health – Neck and shoulder tensions and possible upset stomach problems. A change of diet may be needed.

King of Swords

This King is known as the diplomat and could work as a lawyer, policeman or judge. Drs are also found . This card is one of authority. Zodiac signs are Aquarius, Libra and Gemini.

In relation to work – You will have a boss who does not mince words and can be quite ruthless in his dealings with others. If the tower appears near this card there will be a chance you could be laid off from work.

In relation to Romance – Emotionally cold and sometimes appears indifferent. If the lovers are near then there could be a decision to be made regarding your relationship.

In relation to Money – Money matters may come to ahead. Do not look back and move forward this time of uncertainty will soon pass.

In relation to Health – possible visits to doctors or hospitals are required or a 2nd opinion is needed. Tests will prove to be in your favour but medical attention may still be needed.

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