Learning Tarot with the Queens

Published on 20 August, 2011 | Simply Tarot


Understanding the Queens in Tarot

The queens represent the female energy and the yin qualities of the inner self. These cards can often appear when you are approaching the completion of a relationship, pregnancy or job. The queens are mature women who know who they are and now enjoy the wisdom and knowledge that life has brought them. They are also representative of Sisters, Mothers, Lovers, Wives and Friends.

Queen of Wands

This lady can be quite temperamental and represents the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. All the fire signs of the Zodiac. She can can be very business like and has plenty of energy and passion. Also can be known as a drama queen.

In relation to work – you can expect improvement and good news about employment.

In relation to Romance – Sudden affair could be likely and intense Passion and emotion. There maybe a spiritual connection and travel may also be involved.

In relation to Money – Money could be spent on the home and a good shopping spree is in store.

In relation to Health – Good health but may wish to lose a few pounds in weight. This lady is likely to experiment with alternative methods of healing.

Queen of Cups

This card represents a warm and compassionate person. She will be spiritual and possibly work with the tarot or similar as she holds psychic abilities. She represents the water signs of the Zodiac, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio. A woman once crossed will not forget.

In relation to work – A new opportunity arrives. Loves to work from home or with pets.

In relation to Romance – Passionate affairs, romance. Dreams will become a vital source of information.

In relation to Money – Lucky time and a chance of prosperity.

In relation to Health – Emotions rule your health and if you are blocked emotionally you could find problems will manifest in either the feet, lymph system, reproductive system or digestion. If the empress is in the same spread then pregnancy is a possibility.

Queen of Coins

This person is procreative and nurturing. She will rule the office as equally as she rules the home in a practical manner. Her astrological element is ruled by the earth signs of Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo.

In relation to work – Not impulsive and professional. This person will be happiest surrounded by books, music, animals or plants. Enjoys their own personal space. If this card comes with the 10 of coins then expect a dramatic increase in income.

In relation to Romance – Single and not in a hurry to get involved. Enjoys her own company, if in a relationship then theirs will be a committed and stable communion.

In relation to Money – Challenges around money and a good time to invest in property, stocks or a new home.

In relation to health – Overall good health but can suffer from minor things such as knee or neck problems due to tension. If awaiting medical tests then they will be favourable.

Queen of Swords

She is known as the warrior queen. Divorced or widowed and may have no children. Independent and a career woman. Her astrological signs are the element of air: Aquarius, Libra and Gemini.

In relation to work – Keep opinions to yourself, some minor problems could occur with coworkers, however remaining emotionally detached will work in your favour.

In relation to Romance – She will be attracted to people with a quick and agile mind but this person may not be very warm. A woman could interfere in your relationships

In relation to Money – Delay around money or finance. Put off buying small luxuries until finances are more stable.

In relation to Health – Possible surgery especially if paired with the 3 of swords.

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