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Published on 3 November, 2014 | Case Studies

Life Coaching – Case Study

First Impressions

If you would like to work as a life coach then below is an example of a case study to help their client achieve her goals to move home. lifecoaches

Details of treatment :The client came to my office, sitting with arms and legs crossed and looking worried and anxious. Her tone was high peaked but very down and kind of pessimistic .she is moderately overweighed, tall and a mother of three children . she works as a pharmacist in a government hospital .
She stated that she been in therapy for 8 years and taking appropriate pills as prescribed and seeing her physiatrist on regular basis .she felt much better after so many years but she is not satisfied with wherever he life going on now . She feels down most of time and that her dreams are stuck and her sister advised her to go to a good life coach .
I explained in details and in depth to her what my job as a life coach would be and the areas I can develop in her , she stated that this is exactly what I am looking for.

LIFECOACHINGSetting Goals : I asked her what her goals are. and to put them on piece of paper , I asked her to put her Big goal and to divide them into smaller little goals to reach the big one .
She said her Big Goal was to buy a Villa in well know neighborhood as she and her husband are capable to provide it but things are not working for her as she want she is paid good enough and she have good inheritance .
The first thing I did after she been seated to ask her to take 3 deep breath and feel the air going deep into her heart and open it , I asked her gently to uncross her arms and leg , and with that she stated that she is feeling light and to smile then I asked her why she can not save enough money. She said she started to paying kids for private schools and they are quite demanding and she is taking kids to after class activities and courses that cost them. She is socially not active but they spend lots of money on shopping and travelling .
Then I asked her to do meditation about the House of her dream , the big Villa and taking a deep breath she visions her self and her family all sharing a meal in her villa . She smiled and took deep breath saying I can see it very nice warm and beautiful and she described it as she saw it with swimming pool and greenery around and big back yard.

I asked her time limit that she wish to have this big goal , she said a year maximum .
I asked her what things she feel she can do to help them to get the dream house  and after thinking a bit she replied, I am sure I need to  cut costs on lots of the unnecessary things such as  shopping , I can select cheaper, good quality stores instead of the brand names , and I can postponed travelling until  later when I am done with my goal .
I told her what else to write it down , she said I can reduce the after school tuition of my kids and teach them at home with little effort and help of me and their dad and I can apply for a loan from any good bank and deduct each month from my salary .
She also said she is willing to open a new saving bank account where she will drop little money and forget about them and that she will not issue a ATM card for it so she end up saving some money that will help them out .
She looked happy when she was stating those answers and suggestion .
I asked her what would you do if you have this villa ? she said first thing I will do is to invite all loved one from my immediate family to my Big Lovely Home .

timing for life coaching
Plan of action for today :
Step one : she will discuss the cost cutting of the after school tuition with her husband and kids.

Step two: she will make a excel sheet to put all the money income and outgoings to know their current situation.

Step three: search and Google, for the big villa house available in the neighborhood she is willing to buy at.
Step four: call any real estates for that area to know the prices and market value .
After doing and discussing all these steps she looked very relieved , but her concern was that all houses are quite expensive in that district ,but she will keep looking and searching anything that reach their standard with suitable price. She also said that she felt so happy to go for this session and she couldn’t do this without the help for a life coach, and that I helped her out to put it all in sequence and in order so now she knows what she need to do next This helped her to put the burden out of her mind in a paper .

I emphasized to her that importance of the scheduled session and to keep updating me with her small improvements day to day if she will through emails. Even if it was only few words . and I told her to keep the visualization of her Villa and feel the happiness as if it has happen that will boost her energy to work harder.

We like her to respect her scheduled appointments as well and to work on the formed plans to see pleasing outcomes in the time frame she putted it for her Goal.
She stated that she is delighted and satisfied and willing to commit because she feels happy and uplifted .
She was happy and to keep her mind on her Goal when she walked away from the office .

(Example Case Study above)

 Working as a Life Coach

Do you have what it takes to help someone achieve their goals. Working as a life coach can be both a rewarding and frustrating job. It is quite often recommended that when training as a life coach that you yourself use the services as one. This is a great way to help you achieve your own goal to actually be a succesful coach.

Training Courses

There are now many workshops and course available in NLP and Life Coaching and it is recommended that you learn NLP as the first part of your journey to enable you then to work as a professional and much in demand coach.



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