locating the marriage line on your palm

Published on 14 February, 2011 | Future predictions

The Lines of Marriage

Locating the marriage line in your own palm. The lines of marriage are situated on the side of the hand beneath the Mercury finger, and can sometimes extend onto the mount of Mercury. You need only concern yourself with the longer lines here, as the shorter ones pertain to other personal relationships. The longer lines indicate long term, important relationships.  These will be clearly visible with the hand slightly cupped.  Although this is called the marriage line, it is really more about the important relationships.

Remember the deeper and longer the line the more important the relationship.  The person in question may have had four marriages, but you may only see three, if this is the case you will know that the three shown on the palm will have been the more serious ones the ones that have had the most affect on this persons life.

When the lines are faint they indicate a relationship that is important at that time it was going on, but may have faded over the years.

A forked line can show two relationships happening at the same time.

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