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Traditional Feng Shui Symbols

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In this extract from the Professional Feng Shui Diploma Course you are introduced to the traditional Chinese items that you are used to seeing. This section not only demystifies the object and explains the rituals behind it but also suggests the optimum place for you to put it in your house to increase positive chi.


Chinese Animals

Golden Cow. This is a small brass or gold colored statue that features a horned cow sitting on top of a pile of gold ingots and coins. Place this statue in the Southeast (prosperity), North (career) or the Northwest (mentors) sectors of your home to increase wealth.

Cicada. The cicada is usually found as a gold or small red lacquered statue. This insect’s

feng shui symbols

feng shui symbols

purpose is to transform negative energy into positive and protect your home from intruders. Traditionally a bright red ribbon is tied around one of the bug’s legs before it is placed near the front door of your home for protection. It can also be placed in any sector of your home where you feel “under attack”

The Eight Horses Statue. This statue features a herd of eight racing horses. You can place this statue near the entrance of your front door with the horses appearing to run inside to encourage fame, recognition and opportunities.

Celestial Elephant. The Elephant is a symbol of strength, wisdom, longevity, power and high standards. The Elephant is one of Buddha’s sacred treasures and is thus considered a Celestial animal. The elephant is used to strengthen love and faithfulness between couples. They are also used to heighten intelligence and dignity.  An Elephant with a raised trunk represents the power and prominence associated with the head of a family or a company. An Elephant with a calf statue is believed to promote the chances of conceiving a male child if a childless woman places the statue in her bedroom.  The statue of the Six Good Fortune Elephants is a collection of red lacquered elephant statues that feature the trunks in different positions. Each elephant signifies a different aspiration: strength, wisdom, carefulness, longevity, power and high standards.

Mandarin Ducks. Ducks mate for life and the Chinese perceive them to be a symbol of conjugal fidelity. Place a pair of Mandarin Ducks in the Southwestern sectors (relationships) and the Family and Ancestors (Eastern section) of your home.

Snake. These highly stylized and vicious looking red ceramic or red lacquered statues are usually placed in a windowsill as protection against bad energy.


fengshi horoscopeZodiac Animals. Animals that equate to the Chinese Zodiac are also sold as red lacquered or glass statuary. The traditional animals are the Pig, Dog, Rooster, and Goat, Horse, Snake, Dragon, Rabbit Tiger and Ox. It is considered fortunate to have the Zodiac animal that suits your birth date placed in a prominent or honored position in your house or in the sector of the Ba gua you feel needs the most help from the cosmos.


Lucky Cats


The Lucky Money Cats. are white or gold ceramic statues. The Golden Cat holds up his left paw to attract good fortune into your business or home. Chinese business people consider this figure very auspicious. As this cat is also a piggy bank, you are supposed to feed him every day with a coin to keep prosperity circulating in your life. Display this cat in your wealth sector (the Southeast, Southeast, or in your Wisdom sector (the Northeast). Every Chinese New Year empty your lucky cat and take him to the nearest Buddhist temple to be blessed.

The White Lucky Money Cat holds up his right paw to attract good fortune. He also protects your health. You will often see this Cat displayed on high shelves in Chinese businesses. The best place for you to display it is at your front door, in the window of your business or above a cash register or computer.

The Black Cat of Protection is an unusual piece of statuary and features a cat with an expression of warning holding a broom. The cat’s right paw is raised to ward off evil energy. The broom symbolizes insight and wisdom and is believed to have the power to sweep away worry and trouble. Cats also symbolize protection against evil spirits. Display this cat in your wealth sector, (Southeast) in your wisdom sector, (Northeast) or in the center of your home or business to protect your health.


Lucky Fish


Single Leaping Carp. The auspicious Carp is a symbol of great wealth, success, perseverance and staying power. It is available in glass (for setting in the northern career sector) and in vibrant orange, pink and gold hues (for setting in your southwestern prosperity corner.)

Double Leaping Carp. A common statue features two carp leaping for joy. Usually this statue is gold, orange, green and pink in color. This joyous image is called Fu Gui You Yu” which means, “brimming with wealth.” A statue, painting or print of a Double Carp Fish would be very lucky to hang in your southeastern corner to attract wealth.

Nine Lucky Goldfish. This image is usually found on a scroll or a poster that features eight goldfish swimming with one black gold fish. Hanging this poster on the right side of your entrance (as you look from the inside to the door) is said to bring prosperity to a home. The Southeastern (prosperity corner) that is ruled by water is also a good place to hang this poster. Many Chinese businesses use this poster image as a symbolic substitute for a real aquarium.

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