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Working with NLP



There is a great deal of information out there about NLP. It’s a relatively new field and developing rapidly so lots of people have something to say about it.

About this Training Course

This course consists of 3 parts.

Part 1  – we look at how NLP can be defined and what it can be used for.  Then we move on to the one thing that comes before anything else if you want to work with others, help them, lead them, influence them, or just enjoy their company, and that is Rapport – the art of making a connection with people.  In lesson 2 we will be looking at Outcomes. How successful people get what they want by simply being clear about what it is that they want.  In lesson 3 we look at States of Mind.  If you perform less well, it very often has little to do with your capability and all to do with your state – whether you are nervous, or anxious and so on. Here you discover how you can change your state – at will.

Part 2 –  we explore NLP concepts further commencing with lesson 4 where we explore the concept of Association and Disassociation and how this fundamentally effects how we experience the world..In lesson 5 we investigate Perceptual Positions. Your experience of life depends very much on how you look at it, and there are many points of view! Learn how adopting different positions can give you valuable insight into what is really going on in any situation, and equip you to relate better to people and make sounder decision.  In Lesson 6 we will be looking at Filters. We all use the same five senses to experience the world, but we don’t all see the world in the same way – even though we may assume that we do!

Part 3 – we continue our journey into NLP concepts and in lesson 7 we will be looking at ‘Sensory’ filters in a little more detail, i.e., how people’s preferences for taking in information can effect what they notice.  In the final section of this introductory course we will look at levels of learning using a concept called Neurological Levels. It’s one of the most powerful concepts that we use on a regular basis to consider and assist change in individuals and groups.

Our aim is to provide you with a course which:

  • Gives jargon-free explanations and introductions of key NLP concepts
  • Describes clearly how these concepts can be used with real examples
  • Provides practical, simply advice on how you can start to build your own skills
  • Train to become an NLP Practitioner
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