Our Thoughts really do count

Published on 1 March, 2011 | alternative therapies

Thoughts are Powerful

Our thoughts are more powerful than a lot of us realise. In fact if we truly knew their power we would all work at improving them. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that absent healing works. A spiritual healer will work with the outer body known as our ethereal body and help to balance and maintain the chakras. If offering healing at a distance then this is again done by thought and intention to heal the ethereal body not just the physical.

There have been many experiments which have shown a greater imporovement in health in those who have been on the receving end of distant healing and postivie thoughts from others as opposed to those who have been simply left to heal with no additional spiritual help.

How can I send healing through my thoughts?

Firstly you will need to sit in a quiet and relaxing space. You can either hold a picture of the person you wish to send healing to or visualise them. Take a few deep breaths and whilst doing so visualise white light surrounding you. Now imagine that light reaching out to the person you wish to heal. Ask your guides to connect to theirs and request healing from the highest source. Now surround this person with love and light and say “for the highest good send powerful healing to” name of person . Try to keep the light bright for at least 5 minutes, please do not worry if you can only manage a few minutes as even one thought sent out this way can have a powerful effect. You can also let the person know you are sending them healing. A person knowing this will feel loved and this in itself can help.

Working as a spiritual healer

There are many forms of spiritual healing. Reiki, angel therapy, colour and crystal therapy all offer a source of powerful healing. If you would like to know more about any of the above please visit our website for more details on how you can train to become a natural healer. Its an ability we all possess as our birthright and now is a good time to start connecting to your natural abilities.


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