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Published on 4 July, 2012 | Free courses


History of Palmistry

It is thought that Palmistry began in India and first spread to China and Japan, arriving in Europe from India with the Gypsies in the 14th century, where they combined their clairvoyance with their knowledge of Palmistry.

Palmistry details both your past and your future; everything major that has happened in your life is in your hands. The dominant hand (the one you write with) describes events that have happened, and what you can expect in the future. The non-dominant hand shows your potential and the things you wish for. But remember these lines can change over time.

Different Hand Shapes

It is important to remember that Palmistry shows TENDENCIES and not a fixed and unalterable fate.

The first thing you should be aware of is your own instincts. Make mental notes with regard to the appearance of the person you will be reading for, as this will be your starting point. It is important for you to study the different hand shapes, as they are a very important part of palm reading.  By learning these you will already be able to tell a lot about the person. It is interesting to notice how the hand is offered to you for a reading.

If the person holds out their hand cupped with the thumb touching one of the fingers, this is a closed hand and would indicate that the person hides a large part of their personality. But if the hand is offered straight with the thumb away from the fingers, this is an open hand and the person would be friendly and happy to have you view their palm.

Also notice how the fingers are situated when the palm is held out to you.  For instance if the fingers are spread out this will show they are generous and receptive. It the fingers are held together they would be practical and cautious with money.

Take their handshake for example. If it is a firm handshake then that should indicate someone who is open and friendly. If it were a painful experience, for example, too hard and fierce, that would make you think this is a dominant macho person, but really it shows someone with an inferiority complex. While a handshake that is limp, would suggest that they really have no interest in meeting you.

Above is an example of some of the information you would learn from our professional palmistry courses. Our courses are all comprehensive, easy to follow and fun.  We know that studying can be hard going, so we have taken that into account. We encourage you to review what you have learnt in an interesting way and using your instincts to try out different things.  There are lots of mini exercises within the courses so it makes learning a lot more fun. We have added pictures and diagrams to explain the subjects.

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