Personality for learning what type are you?

Published on 9 August, 2017 | Holistic Therapy

Personality Types Learn differently, which one are you?

personality types, which are you

There are sixteen distinct types of personalities according to the Myers-Briggs personality test. The type of person you are says a lot about your learning style. Below, we will look at how the seven most common personality types learn.

The Nurturer (ISFJ)

The Nurturer is the most common personality type. It is also the category that most empaths fall into. As the Nurturer, you are most interested in learning a topic that will help you in your work. You need information presented to you in a way that makes it clear that it is useful. The logical flow of the presentation materials matters little.

The Caregiver (ESFJ)

The Caregiver is very similar to the Nurturer. You are interested in knowing how the material you are learning will help you work with others. Information is easier to take in when you can see how it will connect to other people. Real-life examples are important. When your emotions and feelings are engaged, you are more likely to remember the material.

The Duty Fulfiller (ISTJ)

The Duty Fulfiller is also fairly similar to the Nurturer. You want material that is useful and practical to you. You will have a greater desire to learn and apply what you learn when you know precisely how the topic can be put to use. You are able to take in large amounts of instructions, facts, and other conceptually unrelated info.

The Artist (ISFP)

The Artist has to like a topic right away to get into. If you enjoy a topic, you are much more likely to take interest in it and directly apply it. The potential for receiving aesthetic pleasure from the course of study increases your desire to study it. You want your information to be presented using practical, real-life, straightforward examples.

The Guardian (ESTJ)

The Guardian wants to know if the material they are studying solves a problem. Your main interest in studying a subject is related to your desire to gain practical experience in the implementation of specific activities or ideas. Brainstorming, contests, and debates enhance your learning experience.

The Performer (ESFP)

The Performer only likes learning when they are enjoying it. You like to learn about things that will help you bring joy to others. When the material is presented in a visual, concrete way, you are more likely to learn it quickly.

The Inspirer (ENFP)

The Inspirer wants to learn about solutions for people-related problems. You will show more enjoyment and interest when you think people will respond positively to the subject. Contests, educational games, and debates help you learn.

So, if you’re interested in finding out the best way to learn, the first step is to work out which of these types is a close match to your own personality – if you’re not sure, then ask someone close to you for their honest opinion. Then have a think about adapting your learning style accordingly.

So whatever type of student you are we have a course for you 


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