Pre Diabetes Diagnosis

Published on 21 October, 2015 | Case Studies

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Diagnosis of Pre-diabetes


Symptoms of Diabetic

Symptoms of Diabetic

Client is a 63 year old male with newly diagnosis of pre-diabetes. He presents with morbid obesity, elevated blood glucose readings with an A1C of 6.2, gout, and high cholesterol. He is currently still working full-time and has very little exercise each day.

The Clients diet consist of eating out frequently as he works long hours and has little time to prepare nutritious meals since the passing of his wife.

We have discussed measuring out each serving size and choosing healthier choices when eating out and shopping for house foods, along with an exercise program that can be followed to lose weight, lower blood glucose levels, lower cholesterol levels, and aid in keeping his gout under control.
A food pyramid has been given to client to follow in order to achieve his goals.

Client has begun measuring out his foods, using low fat or reduced fat products, he is monitoring his blood glucose levels and have actually reduced fasting blood glucose to 89. He states this has been the lowest reading since beginning diet. He states he is noticing his clothing is becoming loose where they were tight at one time. He will begin an exercise program starting with riding his bicycle 3 days a week after eating and permitting he has time before having to leave for work.

His goals are to lose the weight slowly and learn to maintain his ideal weight. He understands that weight loss will not only help his diabetes, but his overall health. He stated in his younger years he weighed between 175 and 200, and wishes to reach that goal again. He has bought weight scales to monitor his weight loss.

He also has a lawn care business that he enjoys, but due to mower being a riding lawnmower, he is not getting the exercise he needs. However, he does receive some exercise and will continue to examine ways of achieving ways to add exercise as he sees fit.
Client has continued to improve in making healthy food choices and states he is feeling much better since reducing fats and sugars in his diet. He has begun riding his bicycle, but not 3 days a week yet. He is still working toward the goal though.

We have discussed reading food labels, what to avoid, what alternatives he has, serving sizes, along with side effects of uncontrolled diabetes, morbid obesity, gout and the vitamins needed for an older adult. He will begin a vitamin regimen, and continue to work on his current health problems.
I will continue to monitor his progress monthly for 3 months and then he will continue on progression recheck every 3 months providing his weight record and blood glucose logs.

He states he understands his treatment plan along with the importance of changing his food habits to control diabetes, weight, and gout.

His desire to reach his goals is very important to him, as he does not want to go on diabetic medication or insulin. Nor does he want to continue feeling the way he has since his weight gain. He states he has had difficulty in breathing with the excess weight gain and his goal for weight loss is to shed extra pounds and improve his breathing ability.

His goal concerning his gout, is to reduce flare ups which in turn will help him with less pain, enable him to walk for short periods leading to longer periods as weight is reduced also.

Case study Completed


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