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Published on 20 February, 2011 | Future predictions

Psychic & Spiritual Development Certificate Course


This course is designed to help develop your natural psychic skills with exercise and practice you will soon be on your way. In ‘part one’ we discussed the importance of meditation.  I suggest before doing any of the psychic exercises that follow that this is always the first most important thing you do in preparation for any psychic work. This will ensure that you are in the correct frame of mind and more importantly your guides will know that when you meditate you are ready to connect to your higher self. This in turn will alert them and make it easier for you to connect, regardless of which activity or spiritual work you are about to embark on.

As your intuition increases and you practice daily mediation even if its only for five or 10 minutes a day you may start to be aware of the some of the following:

Ø  You may feel that you are picking up on other people’s energy and may even start to sense or even see their auric field.

Ø  You may find that animals and children are more drawn to you.

Ø  You may find yourself feeling very emotional and sensitive to others problems or needs.

Ø  Your dreams may become more vivid and colours will seem brighter.

Ø  You may also find yourself more sensitive to music and sounds.

Ø  You will also be more aware of nature and your surroundings. You may feel you naturally want to clear away clutter that has been building up.

Ø  You may find yourself knowing who is going to telephone or contact you before they do.

These are just a few of the things that people have reported when first starting to develop. However your experiences are unique and different for everyone.


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