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Published on 8 August, 2016 | Case Studies

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Reiki healing case study

Details of reiki treatment

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Before carrying out a Reiki treatment on Mr L I first prepared my treatment room. I created a peaceful, calm and relaxing atmosphere with dim lighting including candles; I burned some incense and had relaxing music playing in the background. I made sure my phone was turned off I then got myself into a relaxed state by meditating to help me with the treatment.
When my client arrived I started with the consultation asking health questions including if Mr L was taking any medication. Mr L had never had a Reiki treatment before so I explained what was about to happen and what he may experience. I asked Mr L to lie on the couch, I placed a blanket over him and his head on a pillow to help him feel comfortable and relaxed I then left the room and washed my hands.

Using Kanji Hand Positions
I stood at the head of Mr L and went through the Kanji hand positions to help centre and ground myself, I then moved to the side of Mr L and rubbed my hands together to generate energy, I asked my guides and the angels to be with me during this treatment. Before I put my hands on my client I said to myself ‘Reiki on’ and then proceeded to place my hands on Mr L’s head, palms over eyes then continued through all positions. Treatment took approximately 30 minutes, I felt this was enough as Mr L has never experienced Reiki before and the energy was quite strong.

End of reiki session

I thanked my guide and angels for their help and guidance, I suggested my client lay quietly, I then left the room to wash my hands which helps to disconnect me energetically from my client. I then got a glass of water for Mr L which helps to flush toxins from the body.
I then went through the treatment with Mr L. He felt relaxed which he has found really hard to do and in his words felt he was ‘in a good place’. I felt heat on Mr L’s throat area and a tingling sensation. Mr L then told me he finds it difficult to express himself sometimes, communication has always been difficult. I explained the throat chakra was blocked and this was the reason why. My hands were also drawn to his left shoulder which he told me after the treatment he had an old shoulder injury which still gives him trouble.
I suggested Mr L had a quiet evening and drank plenty of fluids and to let me know how he felt in a few days.

Reiki consultation Feedback
When I next spoke to Mr L he said he had slept well and felt more positive and confident with future issues. He also said he will continue to have Reiki treatments with me as he feels they will benefit him, and I agreed.


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Reiki is one of the most powerful yet natural healing techniques that anyone can learn. By learning to connect and to tap into the universal energy available to all you can offer a very power healing to your client or yourself.

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