Reflexology Case Study

Published on 4 June, 2014 | Case Studies

Reflexology Treatment/Case Study

foot massage

I welcomed Client & explained to Client as to how long the treatment would take and that I would speak to her after treatment in regards to any reflexes that are out of balance. I took her hand and showed her several techniques such as snaking, the mole technique. She elected to have a  reflexology foot treatment and I reassured her that I would ease up if any area feels sensitive and there are no worries if she falls asleep during treatment. 

Time started:  11am                               Time finished: 12.10pm

Details of treatment

(I prepared for the session by cutting my finger nails short, tying my hair back and wearing a fresh shirt and trousers with open toe sandals as it is spring. I was clean and jewellery free except for small earrings. (I had read the treatment plan but kept a copy on a table nearby in case I needed to refresh my memory).

I took Client’s medical history which indicated PMS and past urinary tract infection. And eczema on her right elbow and childhood asthma. And trouble falling asleep at night.  She smoked some cigarettes, drank 4 cups of coffee per day, a social drinker and was sensitive to gluten and dairy though didn’t always exclude these from her daily diet. She said that she did not tolerate alcohol well and it gave her headaches. I checked the contraindications sheet.

To avoid a healing crisis I decided it would be best to do quite a light treatment as Client had not had reflexology before nor had she been to a holistic practitioner and had done no self-cleansing program before. I thought to take special note of her kidney reflex, lung and thought other areas would be sensitive as she was consuming allergens on a daily basis. I did not use scent due to her asthma, lighting was natural as it was daytime.


Client sat on a chair and put her feet into a warm foot bath that contained stones and several clear quartz crystals, spring water containing several drops of rose quartz gem essence. She found this relaxing as her job as a waitress meant a lot of time on her feet.  While Client relaxed and closed her eyes I placed the towels on the massage table and pillows and prepared my energies for the treatment, sending positive energy through my limbs to the tips of feet and hands. I took away the bath and dried her feet and asked her to lay on the table, arranging pillows under knees, head and feet and covered her feet with a towel  and a blanket across her body to keep her warm. She sat up and drank a small glass of water as thirsty (prepared Clear Quartz water) √  I put on some classical music softly (“The Most Relaxing Classical Music In The World Ever”) Satisfied that Client was comfortable, I pulled up a stool and began a reflexology treatment as she chatted about “life” . I focused my attention on Client and avoided talking about myself unless asked and willing and explained to her that I expect to find certain reflexes out of balance given the medical history and for her to let me know if they are painful, that’s if she hasn’t fallen asleep.

Client’s feet were not dry and I employed some cornflour (Rose petal scented) I began with her right foot while keeping the towel on her left foot.

The treatment began with the relaxation techniques- Inner Energy breathing and progressed through Angel’s touch, Apollo’s breath, Atlas’s orb, Poseidon’s pull, Healing Tornado, Toe rotation, Hermes stretch and Phoenix rising.

ist1_3282330-frangipani-therapy-feetThen it continued into working on the reflexology points starting with the Head reflex area and finishing with the Breast reflex area and closing the treatment with Toe rotation (only as time was running short and Client was pressed for time). Client became quiet and closed her eyes for the rest of the treatment.  Her eye /ear general reflex area was tender and she had been experiencing eye strain. She had crystals on her Lung reflex point which I was able to massage away. The small intestine area was very sore as was Ovary/testicle reflex point and Fallopian tube/vas deferens reflex point. Around the bladder reflex point were a few crystals.

No point was so sore that Client asked me to stop or change pressure.

Client said that she enjoyed the treatment and when she sat up she drank a large glass of Clear Crystal Quartz water and went to the toilet. We discussed her sensitive reflex points.

I suggested she might consult a naturopath or someone qualified in holistic nutrition in order to help clear up allergens in her diet and we arranged for a second visit within the week as it may be better to have frequent visits using gentle treatments for the first few weeks and see how she feels. I mentioned the possibility of experiencing a healing crisis but that it should clear up within 24 hours and remember to drink pure water. I asked her to drink plenty of water the day before the next treatment. Client said that drinking 2 litres of water sounded too much for her so I recommended she drink an amount she was comfortable with.

I did refer to the treatment plan on numerous occasions, as a reflexology newcomer, but kept it brief as possible so as not to interrupt the flow of treatment.

I practised the hand strengthening exercises for practitioners several hours after Client’s treatment.


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