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Published on 5 August, 2018 | Holistic Therapy

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Reiki Treatment – Case study

Channelling Reiki

reiki consultation and case study


My client is a 62 year old lady. This was her first treatment of Reiki. The appointment consisted of a 15 minute consultation and a 45 minute treatment.


PREPARATION:  Before Client arrived for her appointment I had prepared myself and the treatment room; I ensured good personal hygiene, removed my watch and turned my phone off then cleansed the treatment room by sitting quietly with my hands on my thighs palms facing upwards. I then visualised reiki flowing like a white soft mist guiding it into each corner of the treatment room. I then prepared the treatment bed with a warm blanket and soft pillows and put soft music on ensuring it was not too loud. I placed some burning incense around the room as I had asked my client about using incense and she said it was fine as she used it also at home.


I had already put a heater on and had candles burning to allow a soft glow and harmonise the room. I then added the power symbol to further cleanse the room by going to each corner and drawing the power symbol and repeated the sacred mantra three times, I did the same to the treatment bed.


Next I filled my own aura with reiki. After lighting some candle and dimming the lights the room was ready. I invited my client into the treatment room and explained that we will need to fill out a confidential consultation record.


SETTING INTENTION: I explained the reiki treatment to her and what she would experience during the treatment. The treatment began with Client getting onto the bed and getting comfortable with pillows under her head and knees and having a blanket placed over her. I advised my client to take some deep cleansing breaths in and out to let go of any negative energy.


SCANNING CLIENT: After asking my guides and my angels to be with me to assist I rubbed my hands together and began channelling reiki. Closing my eyes I scanned my clients aura with my hands held just above my clients body, closing my own eyes to help heighten awareness.

CHANNELLING REIKI ENERGY: Above my clients third eye chakra I felt a slight tingling in my hands. I made a mental note of this to go back to and continued scanning my clients aura following the path of the chakras. Then going back to the area where I had felt the tingling in my hands and I channelled reiki to this area using both hands with my palms facing down. I channelled reiki to heal both the parts of the aura and physical body connected to it. After around 5 minutes I sensed the flow of reiki subsiding so moved then to the rest of the body. After this I then gently roused my client and asked her to turn over so I could channel reiki to her back and as she was a little sleepy I tapped her shoulder so as not to startle her. Whilst turning over, my client tells me she feels really calm but also a little emotional.

I explained that this is quite normal and is a good sign that she is accepting the energy well and has nothing to worry about at all. I continued to scan her aura and sense her really relaxed to the point she was asleep. When I got to her feet I had then completed her treatment.


CLOSING DOWN: I closed down her chakras from the crown chakra to the base chakra by using the sweeping method through her aura to permanently rid her of any negativity.

healing in with reiki


As this was the end of the treatment I thanked my guides for assisting and softly asked my client to slowly open her eyes and get herself up. my client sat up and laughed out loud. I asked her if she was feeling ok. She told me she felt really happy to which I told her that this was the positive energy that has been accepted from the treatment. To end her treatment I explained that I had felt some blockage around her third eye chakra and asked if she suffered with headaches or dizzy spells at any time.


CLIENT FEEDBACK: Client went on to tell me she suffered with a little dizziness and had been finding things hard since she had retired a few months earlier. She said she had been staying at home a lot and not looking forward to the freedom in the way she thought she would. She said she missed being in work where she felt she had friends and was more sociable. This explained to me why her third eye chakra was blocked due to her not being able to move on in her life.


I asked Client what she had gained from her treatment and what she liked about it. Client said she had felt a little apprehensive at first but was so glad she had come for treatment she said she felt at ease, relaxed and uplifted.

AFTERCARE ADVISE: I told her I was pleased she had enjoyed the experience and was glad she had gained something from the treatment. We then said our goodbyes after Client had drank a glass of water and booked in for her next session in a couple of weeks. I advised Client to continue drinking water to cleanse her body of any toxins.

At this point I then began cleansing the room and I poured myself a cold glass of water, then I sat quietly for the next 15 minutes.


FURTHER FEEDBACK: The next time I heard from my client was when I received a phone call from her three days later to tell me how she felt so much better. She told me she hadn’t had any dizzy spells and felt much calmer. She also said she had joined a local gym to help her to meet new people and build her confidence again alongside getting fit. I replied that I was really pleased and wished her well and looked forward to our next session.


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