Reiki & Crystal Treatment

Published on 11 June, 2015 | Case Studies

Reiki and Crystal Treatment

Crystal Therapy Case Study


Details of treatment

My client came to see me for a Reiki Treatment with additional Crystal Therapy as she was “looking at ways to eliminate unwanted negative energy & stress and being more centred and less irritable”.
As soon as my client arrived, I brought her into the treatment room and provided her with a glass of room temperature water. We discussed the main things that she wanted to achieve and she said that she is currently feeling really stressed and the smallest things are setting her off. She feels that she is yelling at her two young children over everything and even though she knows it is the wrong thing to do, she feels that she is not in control of her emotions.
I explained to client what the Reiki treatment and crystal therapy would involve and also provided her with some take-home information regarding her chakras and the Reiki precepts which she can say each morning together with her positive affirmations. In the room, candles were lit, meditation music was playing softly and I ensured the room was at a comfortable temperature.
We began the Reiki treatment with a soothing and gentle guided mediation. This was to encourage her to relax and allow a feeling of calmness and peace to flow through her mind and body. When she started to ‘let go’ and was allowing her mind to just be, we began with a scan of the etheric body to firstly pick up if there were any blockages within the chakras. It soon became apparent that the 7 main chakras were out of balance, with 4 of them being blocked (the sacral chakra, solar plexus, the throat and the third eye). We continued with the healing treatment for the next 1 hour and focused the session in sending healing energy to the areas of the body where it was most needed.
To complement the Reiki treatment, my client was very eager to incorporate crystal therapy as she had previously worked with a few stones, however was not confident in their properties or how they could be best utilized. I explained to her at the beginning of the session that we would undertake a chakra re-alignment with the crystals and at the end of the treatment we would discuss exactly what we used and why.

To begin with, I placed a Jasper stone to align with Anna’s root chakra. Jasper contains healing properties which assist with protection, balance, focus and grounding. This chakra is associated with stability, security, patience and order and I affirmed: “I am safe and secure at all times. I am open to expanding my awareness of life. Life is good. I have a strong foundation in life”.

We moved up to the sacral chakra, where I placed Carnelian to assist with the blockage that was manifested by the guilt that she was holding on to. The attributes of this chakra are well-being, pleasure, sexuality and prosperity and the Carnelian would assist in restoring vitality. The affirmation used was: “ Who I am is enough. What I do is enough. What I have is enough. All is well in my universe”.

Next was the solar plexus which is the chakra for self-worth, decision making, personal power and integrity. We used citrine for the solar plexus as this cleansing stone is very good for restoring emotional balance and creating abundance in life. The affirmation for activating this crystal was “ I am worthy. I am worth my weight in gold. I am worthy of my own self-love”. It was at this point during the treatment that there was a physical shift in clients body. It was as if a physical weight had been lifted off her shoulders and she was now ready for positive change to take place.

For the heart chakra we worked with green aventurine which assists with healing, abundance and growth. The heart chakra can promote harmony, love and balance. Anna came into the session with a lot of guilt associated with spending time on herself, thus questioning her abilities as a mother – we activated the following affirmation: “The more love I open myself to receive, the more love I have to give. I am willing to love everything about myself. Love is everywhere; it’s the purpose of life”.

As we moved our way to the throat chakra, which had the most blockages of them all, we used Sodalite as the crystal to further activate this area. The throat chakra is the centre for self expression, spiritual will and clear communication – all of the things that she was feeling she was not in control of. As a result, of this blockage, my client had been suppressing her feelings and was not communicating in a manner that was truthful in representing her true self. For this area I affirmed: “I allow the expression of my true self to find form. I express myself creatively and openly”.

For the third eye chakra we worked with Amethyst as this is a beautiful and powerful stone to accelerate spiritual growth and protection. As client was in a trance-like meditative state, the stone would radiate into her unconscious and provide guidance by way of intuition. Blockages at the third eye can express themselves in the form of coldness, anger and bitterness, which was exactly how they were presenting for her. As I gently placed the Amethyst on her third eye, I affirmed: “ I radiate love, clarity and integrity. My thoughts are clear and focused. I know who I am”. My purpose in light is becoming clear to me”.

For the final chakra, the crown chakra, I worked with clear quartz which is the stone for healing and amplification. The crown chakra promotes unity, inner peace, refinement and cosmic consciousness. For this chakra the positive affirmation was: “I am at one with the universe. I am open and receptive to all life. I am at peace”.

Following the placement of the crystals and the affirmations I allowed her to rest peacefully with the meditation music playing in the background. I left the room and provided my client with the time to allow the crystals to continue to heal Anna’s physical and etheric body. Approximately 20 minutes later, I entered the room and gently removed the crystals. Upon completion, I visualized her being encapsulated in a cocoon of white healing light, where all of her chakras were now closed.

I slowly encouraged client to open her eyes in her own time and when she felt ready, to sit up on the table. I had a glass of water waiting for her and she drank this as I detailed to her my findings.
My client purchased a number of crystals to take home – citrine, aventurine, amethyst and clear quartz and I ensured I provided her with cleansing and activating information.
At the end of the treatment I explained that she may feel an overwhelm of emotion in the next 48 hours and this is totally normal, she just needs to go with the flow and not fight any emotion that she is experiencing. At the time client said she was feeling light, relaxed and more in control.
I also provided my client with a recorded guided meditation that she can use together with her crystals to maintain the balance and harmony in her mind and body.
I followed up with Anna two days later and the message I received was “ The day after my treatment I was really snappy, I yelled at the kids and felt annoyed and irritated. But today I am feeling so much better, I feel happier than ever and I’m really working on concentrating on doing one thing at a time and really slowing things down. This is just the beginning. Thank you so much for everything”.

Notes From Training Provider: This is an excellent case study showing that the therapist has made good use of combining both Reiki and Crystal Therapy to offer a very powerful treatment.


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