Published on 3 July, 2012 | Reiki & Energy Healing

Reiki Healing – What is it?

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing dating back to 20th century Japan. Created by Buddhist Sensei Mikao Usui, Reiki is said to heal a person through the energy flowing from the palms of the practitioner. Reiki made its way to the US thanks to the work of Hawayo Takata, who was born in Hawaii from Japanese parents. Hawayo Takata tried Reiki in one of her visits to Japan, and eventually avoided three surgeries thanks to Reiki treatment. In 1937, she became the first outsider ever to receive a First Degree Reiki certification.
The name Reiki literally means “spiritual/soul energy.” Practitioners believe that Reiki can help unblock the emotional or spiritual blocks that cause illness. Rather than focusing on treating the symptoms of a disease, Reiki works on the causes. Through the use of universal life-energy, Reiki can heal a person, even if the practitioner himself does not know what’s wrong.

What happens in a healing session?

During a Reiki session, a practitioner will ask you to lie down on a table after removing your shoes and jewelry. He will then move her hands around your body, without actually touching you. During the process, the practitioner’s hand usually become really hot, a sign that energy is flowing through him. It’s important to note that the energy received does not come from the practitioner himself; he is merely channeling the Universe’s energy. Some people who experience Reiki for the first time have an intense emotional reaction to it. This is considered normal.

How will Reiki affect me?

Because Reiki works on energy, sometimes it takes several visits before a difference can be seen or felt. Also, the results tend to be subtle, and vary from person to person. However, practitioners believe that Reiki works for everyone and any condition.
Some Reiki critics allude to the lack of scientific evidence to back up Reiki. While it’s true that there are no studies showing the efficacy of Reiki in treating certain medical conditions, practitioners point out that Reiki should be considered as a complementary form of treatment, not as a replacement for a doctor’s care.

Can anyone learn to do Reiki?

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