Speaking to spirits

Published on 11 October, 2010 | Psychic & Spiritual

spirits and ghostsCommunicating with the other side

Speaking to spirits – It has been said we can all communicate with our loved ones when they have passed over even if its only when we sleep they come to visit us,  but of course its like learning anything new. We need to learn how to communicate. With our latest course on Psychic & Spiritual development you will learn how to communicate with your guides and angels, learn about trance mediumship, channeling and how to read objects. Our Psychic & Spiritual Development course is packed with information and below is just some of the things this course teaches.

Spiritual Development Certificate Course
• Mediumship
• Science & Spiritualism
• How to dowse using a pendulum
• Meditation for development
• Psychic Exercises
• How to connect with your guide
• How to receive & understand messages
• Psychometry
• Tips when reading for clients & how to connect to their guides
• Working with your guides to assist others
• Learn how to Chanel
• Trance Mediumship

Also check out our great value holistic packages which include psychic development courses plus tarot and palmistry.

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