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Published on 12 February, 2011 | Psychic & Spiritual

Developing Spiritually

Cosmic-Order-Law-of-AttractionWhen we are trying to develop spiritually we tend to go spiritually shopping. By that I mean we buy books, products, join classes and try almost anything to help us with our development. Sometimes this can lead to spiritual overload.

Information overload

Books can be a great source of inspiration, however sometimes we need to stop reading for a moment and just start believing in ourselves. We are all treading the same path to enlightenment, however just like our tastes in clothes, music and holidays our choices are our own and having a barrage of ideas from others can be good but we must be aware that only you know the real you. What works for someone may not necessarily be right for you.

How do you know whats right for you?

We have many students who now work as holistic therapists and you can bet that most of them at some point in their lives felt drawn to certain subjects but could not tell you exactly why. For instance one student felt from a very young age she was fascinated with crystals and stones. She would collect boxes of sparkling objects or just everyday pebbles that she felt drawn to.  Her mother would find it impossible to understand why she would insist on picking up a plain boring stone off the ground only to take it home and play with it and proudly add it to her collection of what her mother thought was just a load of old useless pebbles.

Working as a Crystal Therapist

It was not until she was in her mid 30,s that she undertook a crystal therapy course and realised that this was her destiny. She had unknowingly all those years ago been picking up on the energy and vibration of stones and crystals and realised that the power when used for healing brought amazing results. Some would say she was a natural, however her destiny was to work with stones and crystals for her higher good, which has not only allowed her to work at something she loves but has helped hundreds of her clients.

If you have ever felt drawn to colour, crystals, angels or just felt that touch has a great power for healing then the chances are there is healer inside you just waiting to burst out.

If you are not quite sure which therapy is right for you then visit our student library and watch some short videos on various holistic therapies to see what inspires you most. We also have  large selection of spiritual and healing books for those of you who like me still love to read.

For more details of working as a crystal, colour or reiki healer visit our website for details of our fully accredited diploma course in these subjects to help you start a new career.

What course is right for me?

If you are unsure which course or path to follow then why not take a look at some more information on spiritual and healing courses. You can download a free course prospectus which you may find helpful as this will tell you what each subject covers, the time it will take to complete and what you can expect from each course.

Download  a free course prospects




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