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Published on 19 March, 2012 | Angels

Connect with your Angel


Angels are everywhere they surround us as we eat, sleep, work and play. They are none judgmental and are here to guide us if we would only request their help. I have been asked many times do they still help even if we don’t believe in them.

Well do you remember when you where a child playing make believe how your mud pies turned into a birthday cake and your den made up of old gates and pieces of old broken  wooden planks could turn into a palace. So all  you need is a little bit of child like imagination and your angels will be delighted to come on board. I am going to introduce you to the seven Angels who can help you achieve and get all you ever dreamed of.  Today is the Angel of Visualisation, the following one next week will  be the Angel of Strength and you will learn how these angels link up to turn your wish to reality.

I want a new job/home/car/husband/money? –

So how are they going to help me you may ask. Well the first thing to do is start imagining what it would be like if you actually had the thing or person you desired in your life. You have to play make believe and really visualise yourself in the ideal job or home. Sit quietly for a few moments and breath deeply. Allow yourself to imagine you are living in the perfect home surrounded with lovely neighbours, see yourself chatting and gardening, see you how you furnish your house, visualise yourself actually living there and get a feeling of how your surroundings look, what colour are your walls, carpets, actually live and be in it for this moment. Then ask your angel of visualisation to help you achieve that which you desire.

Now here is the most important part you have to do – really really see that home, feel it, touch it and believe you are living in, then ask and sit back. Every time you get a spare moment, go back into your dream home and get familiar with your surroundings. This way your angel will have more of a feel of what it is you want. You may notice that you start to see pictures of your home or similar in magazines and papers, or you will see the ideal kitchen. You first have to draw your dream in your imagination. Everything you can imagine can be yours, but you must first learn to let go and be childlike in your dreams and act as if its already there.

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