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Published on 26 March, 2011 | dreams

Wake up to a happier life  turn off your alarm

What do you actually do when you wake up.  Below are some simple tips to start your day the right way. To actually inform your mind that you will be in control today and you are going to have a great and rewarding day. Oh and best of all you will never again need your alarm clock.

Why Alarm Clocks are bad for you health

There are many different ways we wake up depending on our circumstances, and there are a lot of people for instance who are abruptly awoken by the ringing of the alarm ( I personally thinks all alarm clocks should have their bell taken out or at least carry a health warning) people who are brought to consciousness this way tend to jump out of bed and start their day with stress. I have personally never known anyone who has awoken with a gentle smile on their face and greeted their alarm with delight. An alarm is exactly what  it says on the box….. ALARM! so why would anyone want to wake up alarmed every day of the week. To understand why alarm clocks are bad for your health, think what the following alarms actually represent and their function.

fire alarmsFire Alarms – fireman rushing about with hoses, pumps and panic are all associated with fire alarms.

Burgler Alarms – Yes I know most tend to get ignored and not thought to be very effective, however if one is going off next door to you, your first reaction will be to perhaps look out the window and check. In fact your first reaction will cause you to react in some way or other.

Car Alarms

Well if its your car I have no doubt you will  be running to your drive-way to see why its gone off. Again you will be reacting to the sound.

What do all the above have in common. They all cause us to react in someway. When we react to any sound that causes us to be alarmed our body automatically goes into stress mode (fight or flight). This is fine and excellent should you need to run out of a burning building and better still if you find someone tampering with your car and feel the need to give chase to the culprit. But 9 times out of 10 the alarm will prove to be false and the body can return to its normal relaxed state. However this is not the case as the energy that has been released to cause the fight or flight mode in the first place still has to go somewhere.

Now imagine the following: – The right way to wake upsmiley face

Awakening slowly out of a deep restful nights sleep. As your eyes slowly open to a  beautiful sunny morning with birds cheeping and bees humming. The delicious smell of freshly baked bread and the aroma of toasted coffee beans. How do you think that is going to make you feel before you have even risen out of bed. Your mood is going to be lifted, your thoughts are going to be lifted, your feelings of appreciation are going to be lifted.  Maybe its raining and cold yet you awake to the smell of hot toasted crumpets and coffee with beautiful music playing in the background. Again you are going to feel a sense of peace and hope for the day ahead as you awaken. You may want to go  back to a pleasant dream or perhaps your dream was trying to tell you something important so you may want to spend a few moments pondering the meaning.

Now Imagine the following: – The wrong way to wake up

A harsh and loud noise forces you out of sleep. Your immediate action is to move quickly and swiftly to stop the noise and turn it off. Your immediate reaction on waking up this way is to go back to sleep as quick as possible to catch a few more minutes of undisturbed restful oblivion. Your other reaction will be to look at the time and immediately before you have even had chance to open your eyes fully your mind will start its chatter…. The dialogue usually goes something like this….  Get up! you are going to be late! Hurry get dressed! and your whole day will start with the stress of just getting up for the day. You have not even thought about contemplating your dream state, its already too far removed and after all you have not got the time to languish in  bed daydreaming…. Well if that sounds like you think again… You could be nearer to staying in bed all day than you imagine and worse still it could be a hospital bed. Stress causes more heart attacks. more indigestion, cancer, colds etc…. People who wake up in rush to start the day this way suffer far more from the common cold and feeling run down that people who awaken to the day with no stress only gratitude that another beautiful day is in front of them.

Now think about this!

Out of the two scenarios who do you think wastes more time. The one who wakes slowly and deliberately into a new day or the one who is rushing around in a blind panic every morning. Yes you are correct.  The alarm person spends more time sick and does not fulfill nearly a fraction of their potential in a working day than the one who has taken time to visualize a perfect day ahead. And also taken a few moments to leave room for his inspiration to filter through the non stop chatter of the alarm persons brain.

How to wake up without needing a clock or alarm?

Its really very simple and if you don’t believe me then try it yourself. You simply tell yourself the night before you go to sleep what time you wish to awaken. In fact you probable are already doing it. How many times do you curse when you wake up at 7am only to find the alarms not going off and its Sunday….

When you go to  bed tell yourself that tomorrow you are going to awaken without your alarm, and if you are too scared to try this for fear of oversleeping then tell yourself you are going to wake up 10 minutes before the alarm goes off. This way you can awaken slowly and turn it off knowing you didn’t really need it. It was only a prop. After a few days practice of this you may find you have the confidence to throw your noisy stress inducing object as far away as possible…

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