Top Guide to Good Detox Foods

Published on 26 July, 2013 | Latest News

Detox Tips

The following detox foods have been shown to be some of the best and shown to provide nutrients to help get rid of toxins in your body.

Tip 1 – Apples help to lower fat and cholesterol levels.  Contains Pectin which  is a fibre that is found in citrus fruits, berries etc and this can help to bind heavy metals such as lead and mercury in the colon and will encourage their excretion.

Did you Know? They used apples after Chernobyl Nuclear leak to purify the area.


Tip 2 – Beetroot – Blood Tonic

This has been used for many years by the Romans as a blood purifying tonic. Also contains Methionine, also helps to reduce cholesterol levels and will purify natural waste products from the body.  Contains Betanin which also helps the liver to break down fatty acids.


Tip 3 – Garlic

Garlic when crushed converts into a sulphur-based compound and when absorbed by the body, toxins such as mercury, food additives an chemical versions of hormone oestrogen bind with sulphur which then enables the body to excrete the whole package. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and is also good for blood pressure.  With a history of human use of over 7,000 years, garlic is native to central Asia, and has long been a staple in the Mediterranean region, as well as a frequent seasoning in Asia, Africa, and Europe. It was known to Ancient Egyptians, and has been used for both culinary and medicinal purposes.

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