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Published on 19 August, 2012 | Colour Therapy


Healing with Colour Therapy can be used for any problem whether, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual for specific problems as well as an over all relaxation therapy. Colour Therapy can be used safely and effectively – either alone or alnogside any other therapy, whether complementary or orthodox medicine – for adults, children, babies and non-human animals alike. (However, no complementary therapy should ever be considered as an alternative to orthodox medical advice.)

Colour energy can be the catalyst for our healing process and encourages normal and healthy workings of the body.

Colour Therapy should not be something you just go to a therapist to ‘have done to you’. Colour is everywhere and should be utilized as part of our everyday life. A professional Colour Therapist can explain and advise you on how you can use colour at home for health and wellbeing.

Understanding Yourself with Colour

Some of us love yellow, some of us hate orange. We all have our colour preferences.

There is a reason for these colour preferences which can be explained:


  • by life experiences involving that colour – a negative life experience will make us dislike a certain colour; a positive life experience involving a particular colour will, of course, make us feel drawn to that colour.


  • an aversion to a colour can indicate an imbalance in that particular area of the body.

Being aware of these preferences can tell us a great deal about ourselves and help us to address sometimes, very deep seated emotional issues, character traits etc.

Colour can be incredibly enlightening and transforming.

Color therapy has existed since the time of the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians (and later, the Greeks, Indians and Chinese) discovered that certain colors affected the mind and body. They installed panes of colored glass in the ceilings to color the light that entered.

Over the centuries, many cultures have studied the effects of color and light, leading to today’s modern practices of light and color therapy (also called Phototherapy and Chromatherapy). In Eastern medicine, holistic healers discovered that different shades of color correspond to specific Chakras and parts of the body and organs, providing unique healing benefits.

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