How to use Hopi Ear Candles for Rhinitis

Published on 20 April, 2016 | Case Studies

Using Hopi Ear Candles for Rhinitis

Hopi Ear Consultation

I asked my client to fill in a treatment with liability card prior to treatment commencing.
My client informed me she was not on any medication, but this condition was getting her down as it was effecting her life in the respect of always feeling bunged up.
I made sure before her arrival that the heating was on between 15 to degrees, a treatment couch all sanitized, with a clean sheet and pillow, also at hand the following items to ensure everything is at hand:

• A towel, Various types of Candles
• A Glass for extinguishing the candles
• Scissors to cut off the end of the candle as it burnt
• Various oils and creams for the facial massage
• Music ready to switch on should client wish it.
• A Jug of Filtered water and a glass for my client,
• Wet wipes to clean the ear prior to treatment, also after treatment to take excess oil off face and neck.
All put in place to make sure all measures taken were in place.
I explained that this session would be up to 1 hour of treatment.
That all phones needed to be turned ff so as to have no interruptions of her treatment.

Procedure of Treatment

My Client is a 43 year old female with a history of Rhinitis.
After greeting my client and explaining the procedure of a Hopi Ear Candle treatment as follows:
She would need to lie on her side in an alternative manner and have a disc placed upon her ear with the middle section of the disc cut in such a way that the candle would be kept in a safe position and showed my client the procedure so as no misunderstanding was there for her, explain the disc was to catch any debris.
Then I would light the candle in front of my client as an example ( I have a candle to use just for this purpose) so as my client could see the smoke coming out of the candle of which will go into the ear canal therefore making a crackling noise which is a normal procedure as this then brings the wax from the inner ear to the surface and into the candle.
I also explained that at the end of the session I would unroll the candle so that she could in act see what had been collected from her ear as well as explain that whilst the candle is burning she should experience a lovely warm relaxing feeling coming over her. I also showed my client the safety level line marked on the candles and reassured her I never take the candle to the full mark always a few centimetres before, so as to reassure them after treatment they can still see the level mark for themselves that I have not gone over this line. Which brings more reassurance to the clients I have treated previously. I also explained that as the candle is burning I may need to take the candle out of the ear so as to cut off with the scissors the already burnt part of the candle as a safety measure so it does not fall onto the client and then re-insert the candle again to finish off the treatment, always letting the client know what I was doing so as not to startle my client. I also explained that the Candle could burn between 12-15 minutes, and once the time was right I would then take the candle out and place into the glass of water already set out to extinguish it. Once that part of the treatment was done for each ear.
Then I explained my client could then lie on her back so as to do the lymphatic massage on her face, by sweeping my fingers using both hands from the area between eye brows, above the nose area and sweep outwardly over her eyebrows down to the sides of the temples, then to each side of her nose, sweeping outwardly again to the sides of her face and again down her neck her sweeping the jawline just sweeping down the neck to then sweep just behind the lower lobes then across her clavicle (shoulders) and shake my hands and do this a few times in a gentle up and down circular motion, as I also incorporate Usui Reiki in with any other treatment,

At this point my client was then asked if there were any preferences to any favourite oils they would like used, to which my client said they didn’t mind so I used just a base oil of Rapeseed oil of 6 drops and lavender of 2 drops, mixed together to blend a very mild smell, and not overpowering to the client, as well as explaining to my client the reason for all the massage was to not only stimulate the blood circulation around the face neck and lymph glands it would also help with the oxygen levels within the lymphatic and other areas, also at the same time deliver any nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the body, this would also help with draining process of any fluid or toxins from the body so as to aid the healing process, and that it may be necessary for another session of candling if after examining the candle after treatment had a lot of wax and discoloured powder, however if the powder with the wax being clear then maybe a month down the road if they felt they wanted another session then this would be recorded, if there is discolouration and wax and it was in the best interest of the client I would then advise them to come for another session and see what happens on the next treatment, If I feel that candling is not clearing as well as the client expected I would then advise my client to see her GP explaining they have been to me and if needed I will keep the evidence of the session for her to show her GP.


Having gone through the procedure of the treatment as above the session finishes with my client having up to 10 minutes relaxation time before getting into a sitting position, enjoying a glass of water., as this helps with further detoxification.

My Client was much more happy with herself, and with seeing just what was extracted from her ear was overwhelming in a positive manner for her.

My Client no longer felt all bunged up her eyes didn’t feel all itchy,
My Client was very happy and looking forward to another session in 2 days .
Having explained to my client that this procedure can be done a regular monthly basis to help keep the ears from being full of wax and maintain the air pressure within the ears. Therefore keeping things and problems at bay.
I suggested to my client her ears will be sensitive for a day or so, and this was a normal procedure,
My client has told everyone on her path about her experience and has even brought the children to see me and have treatment.

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