Walking the Path to Peace

Published on 27 April, 2012 | Psychic & Spiritual

The Path To Peace

By: Peter E. Blank

The path of greatest good can get very foggy at times. It truly can be difficult at first to see the way you should go in all situations. However, in some cases you have no question at all. Sometimes you know the right way to go and you go it. Here is an interesting aspect of your living presence. In the cases where you are sure of something, there is a feeling within, a feeling of rightness.

I call that feeling the Frequency of Truth. I have also heard it called the Wise One, the Great Teacher, the Voice of God and the Holy Spirit. No matter its name, there is a very real and very powerful awareness of right and wrong within us all. People on the path, and people who are considerate of others, tend to tune to it more regularly than those who are not. The awareness of right and wrong can be easily interpreted as a guide for making decisions. In a phrase, “Let your conscience be your guide.”

Having a guide, however, is only useful if your motive is clear. I see focused purpose as the single most potent sub-factor in manifesting events in space and time. It is true on all levels of Life that the greater Will rules the moment. Purpose becomes the focal point of Will. All the choices you make will be towards your purpose. Given Free Will freely, and having it without limit, it truly is yours to command. You do that by the purposes you hold dear and the ways you go about having them fulfilled.

Psychic Develoment

Therefore, in the consideration of what choices are correct, you must address your purpose directly and consciously. Purpose, when applied to choices in time, exists upon bands of potential that extend from self to the Whole. In that sense, purpose is a structure. As an individual begins to explore the depth of their purpose, many transformations of consciousness take place. At first, people tend to think they have many purposes. From a self-centric perspective, it seems quite true. But as awareness grows, and some or all of the Wholeness of Life is embraced, purpose collects and transforms into greater scales, which can be shared. That is one thing that makes the study of Love a science. No static definition of right and wrong will hold. The concept expands with increased awareness. However, a good rule of thumb is that a good choice is one that benefits the biggest picture. You can tell by how you feel if you are making right choices. Rightness comes with a feeling of rightness.

There is no major difference between a mistake made in ignorance and one made consciously. They both are still mistakes and will yield an unpleasant life experience. People rarely change their choices for altruistic reasons. Mostly they just want to find a way to feel whole inside. But conscious living reveals that the good of self and the good of others are directly related.

Most people instinctively know what is right for them and what is wrong. Even though the mortal’s connection to the eternal Living Moment is subconscious it is very real. During the process of expanding awareness, the Wholeness of life is revealed. In this, the many purposes of the individual grow to include the well being of others, and the world we all share. So-called “bad people” are only people who feel miserable and don’t know why. They make choices that hurt them and then live in the pain. These people have misery and they give what they have. They do not need scorn, but a greater awareness of how Love works, and how all life connects together to be One.

Growth by conscious living is difficult until it is shared. Then it is a self-feeding source of wonder and good times. The life that each person has is a reflection of his or her beliefs and choices. That may be a new way to look at the environment you live in. From a time-based perspective, an environment is a container. The universe contains all that is within it. The earth contains all the life upon it. A house contains everything inside it. However, if you consider the simultaneous existence of these environments, it is revealed that all of them are but different aspects of one. Enlightened individuals see all environments and know no limitations. The environments we create do not have to contain us. That is living reactively. The environments we create can express us. That is living proactively.

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