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Published on 7 September, 2016 | Case Studies

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Case study to help a young restless child sleep better & general improvements in home

feng shui consultation for better sleeping child

The problem my client had with her  four-year-old boy was that he was  always sick and unable to sleep properly in the  two-bed terraced house they lived in..

The child’s mother  sought  me out  after hearing me speak at a local Mum club.  She told me that her four-year-old son was having trouble sleeping; in fact, the boy was often waking up in the middle of the night and roaming around the house. In addition he had been having health problems, including a wide variety of different allergies.

I as the consultant explained to my client what Feng shui was and I informed her I that I could offer her an assessment and how Feng shui could benefit her family.


Clients house looks balanced and pleasing to the eye. It has solid foundations and there are no unnecessary additions. She takes good care of her property and keeps it clean. The front door doesn’t face oncoming traffic. I told my client that all this is a good way to enhance the good Chi at her place. Nevertheless, her hall is very narrow and dark and there are very steep stairways. I pointed to the fact that these features generate negative energy. I suggested to use bright lights and opening her curtains to let more natural sunlight in.

I carried out a full feng shui assessment to obtain a better understanding of my clients situation and problem.

I used all tools and knowledge that I had at my disposable to find answers and solutions to rectify the problems at the property.



After inspecting the child’s room it was noted that the bedroom was filled with very active, somewhat disturbing colours and objects (posters of pirates, etc) that were not providing a restful atmosphere for sleep.

Sectors based on the eight directions – I told her that each area corresponds to a different area in our life such as prosperity, love, wisdom and other tenets that create happiness. I also pointed to the fact that there is the health sector of the environment.


Working with the feng shui - Bagua I used my compass to find the most northern part of client’s home. I referred to the Ba Gua template and found the career sector of her house. Next, I identified all other sectors (Career, Wisdom & Knowledge, Family & Health, Wealth & Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, Marriage & Relationships, Children & Creativity, Helpful People & Travel, Health Sector). I used the Ba Gua orientation to the compass directions.


The Solution 

I recommended broad changes in the bedroom. She suggested that the client replace the old colors with softer pastels, replace the wall art with more positive (and self-esteem-oriented) pictures. She asked her to buy her son a bed (he had been sleeping on a mattress on the floor), and located the new bed in a part of the room more conducive to rest and sleep.

I recommended to enhance positive Chi in the Fame & Reputation sector by adding some red colour to it, electrically powered objects (she doesn’t like to have open fire in her house) and some pointy objects.

I suggested to avoid black coloured objects and dead flowers.

Love & Relationship Sector – In this sector I suggested making a space (remove all the clutter), place some sensual items (such as favourite perfumes, food, etc.), place objects in pairs (change the picture on the wall that depicts a lonely figure of a woman) and adding some pink colour to this area.

Creativity and Children sector – this could be improved by adding some metal objects, white colour and round objects) to attract good Chi

Helpful People & Travel sector – this could be enhanced by images of travel or statues of angels. The other option would be adding some silver and grey objects. Again I suggested removing all the clutter.

Skills & Knowledge sector – I recommended the use of the colour blue

Family & Ancestors sector –  could be improved by her ancestral photos (she has no pictures like this in this sector) and recommended green and black colour.

Prosperity sector – this could be improved by the introduction of the colour purple and symbols of wealth (such as jewellery). She has a broken old clock there that I suggested be removed.

Finally, I said that although some of these suggestions seem expensive, there are some very simple all-purpose cures such as ‘no clutter’. As an example I used her front door area that was cluttered by potted plants, old mail and newspapers.

I also recommended her place to be well lit and exposed to natural sunlight. To improve her finances, she may place mobiles and chimes that are gold and silver in Prosperity sector (she really likes these) and place a gem tree (that she already owns) into this sector as well. To improve her Family and Ancestors sector she might put some ancestral photo gallery and wood objects that create strength for her family basis.


Client Feedback – The results have been wonderful. My son now sleeps through the night. He’s happier. He concentrates better at school and at home. amazingly, the allergies he had suffered for most of his life began to disappear almost as soon as the changes were made to his room. The client stated she is now feeling more happy and stress-free. she learned something new and natural. Easy to follow and cost effective. She was delighted with my services. Happy with the results and solutions and recommendations made by me as the therapist.

Case study by Luna Holistic Student of Professional Feng shui Diploma Course

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