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Published on 18 October, 2012 | alternative therapies

Taking Gem Essences

Add between two to five drops of gem essence to a glass of spring water. Sip this at intervals throughout the day. You can either determine intuitively or dowse with a pendulum as to how much you should be taking. learn how to use a pendulum with our simple to follow guide: 

When dowsing with a pendulum you could ask:

1.    Which essence/s do you need? You could place your gem essence bottles in a group and ask whether there is a particular essence in the group that is needed. It is possible you find you may need more than one essence.

2.    How many doses do you require?
3.    How many days or weeks should you take the essence?
Remember to ask questions that give a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer. For instance: “Should I take this essence once a day”, going through different numbers until the pendulum reacts.
When taking gem essences it should be remembered that the benefits can be greatly reduced if you are consuming substances that alter the body’s metabolism and pollutes the aura. Coffee, tea and alcohol (if taken in excess) or cigarettes will interfere with gem essence vibrations.
It is possible to become over-charged with essence so always monitor your reactions. If you start feeling dizzy, spaced out, or have any other symptoms, stop taking the essence. Drink some pure spring water to neutralise these effects.
You could also take the essences by applying a few drops directly to the temples, pulse points or acupuncture points using your fingers. It is recommended that you allow the drops to warm in your fingers a little prior to application. The drops that you apply may be direct from the bottle or you may wish to dilute the essence (7 drops to 25ml of purified water). Other methods of applying the essences include adding a few drops in an oil burner, massaging into the skin, or placing the drops into a bath.
When taking gem water or gem essences, it would be greatly beneficial if you give yourself or your patient an affirmation to go with it. Repeat the affirmation throughout the day as well as when taking the essence. An affirmation also sets up a repetitious pattern of positive thought waves that will reinforce the action of the gem essence.

Extract taken from  Crystal Therapy Diploma Course

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