Mystery of the Human Aura Part 3

Published on 5 August, 2013 | Auras

Childrens Auras

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Mystery of the Human Aura  – Infant Childrens Aura – see part 2

The newly born infant may aptly be called an  individualized foetus, for with the first breath the infant draws it becomes something more than a collection of chemical accretions. It becomes an individualized personality, with all the potentialities of the man or woman it will later become. As it hold in itself the potentialities of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling, so also does it hold in itself the potentialities of the electrical field called the aura, upon the development of which much of its growth and health will depend. It is significant that not until the first breath is drawn does the foetus develop the first sign of auric radiation. Whether the actual soul is connected with the foetus at the time of birth, or at the time of conception, is a detail which yet remains to be proved. We only know that with the first breath there appears round the infant the first hint of the aura, leading us to the conclusion that the aura is composed of matter, or radiation, drawn from the ether’s in the atmosphere, which, when absorbed into the system, is again radiated forth in the form known as the aura.
This infantile aura has very much the same appearance as the infinity of atmosphere perceived by the human eye when looking into the immensity of the clear sky, and we believe that it is identically the same. As a magnet attracts corresponding substances within its field of vibration, so does the human spirit draw itself some substance from the universal ether. This same substance increases in magnetic velocity and in course of time attracts other radiations which will form the adult aura.  The atmosphere is in reality colourless, yet takes on a tinge of blue be reason of its immensity. The aura of an infant is colourless at the time of its birth, but gradually, through the months of its growth, it takes on a faint silvery-blue sheen which grows more marked towards the end of the first year, when intelligence begins to manifest in definite form.
We call this aura the etheric sheath or the astral envelope, because it appears that all later developments take place within this subtle, indefinable area. This particular sheath is as indefinable as air and is rarely perceived by clairvoyants, though they may easily perceive other auric characteristics. It is the sheath known in mystical nomenclature as the garment of the soul, and such in truth it is, because it literally clothes the soul, which is expressing itself through the body of flesh in a sheath-like veil which, literally, is woven of the substance of space. Space itself may be but a garment of God, but to us it signifies the ineffable, glorious wonder of supernal Spirit, the medium by which we may most easily visualize that which cannot be visualized.
By some sects this auric garment is called the causal body, in that it appears to be the cause of all that follows int he life of the incarnate person, and, in the case of the person who develops a high degree of spirituality, this sheath glows with a supernal, unearthly radiance in which the ordinary auric vibration’s glow with the Sweet-pea delicacy of colourings. From clairvoyant observation, such an aura can be best described as a lucent bubble filled with coloured smokes, in the centre of which stands the physical body, from which these same colours stream in ever varying streams of light and shade.  It would appear the causal sheath is built by the action of breathing, therefore it must be drawn from the sun impregnated air, or the God-filled atmosphere we know as space. It is significant to note the improvement in the physique of children who, as babies, have spent long hours in the out-of-doors, in comparison with the practice, of not many years ago, of confining infants to the house on all but the finest of days, with corresponding stunting of their growth. (This was a practice in the 1930,s – 50;s)
Who can say what race of super-men and women may not be produced in the future by our increased knowledge, not only of dietetics, but also of the needs of these other bodies, which, from a purely spiritual point of view, are even more important than the physical ones? We can observe, also the effects that correct breathing , as conducted in the physical culture classes, has had upon the physique of ordinary young men and women. It appears to the author that the results are out of all proportion to the simplicity of the practice, unless we take into consideration the fact that the air is charged with the divine life force of God.
In part 4 we will look more into this subject but see how the aura effects children growing up.
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