Mystery of Human Aura – Part 2

Published on 9 August, 2013 | Auras

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In part 1 we discussed how food affects our aura and health. It has been proved, by observation, that disease shows itself in the aura before making itself felt in the organs of the physical body; it can be seen as dark patches, or as mottled condition in the vari-colored radiation surrounding the individual, proving that some disorganization of the electrical field also takes place when disease is imminent.

Evidences that medical science is gradually coming to realize the electrical nature of man,s constitution can be observed by the part that electrical therapy plays in the modern hospitals and specialists consulting rooms. As yet, the majority of doctors regard only the effects of electrical treatment as shown by the response of the physical organs; they work on the theory that certain electrical rays stimulate some bacteria and destroy others.

Science and the Aura

Lean about the human auraA few scientists have branched out into the theory that it is man’s own electricity that reacts upon himself, and by the the study of the aura are now advancing slowly into a new theoretical idea of the cause of the disease, an idea that has been aided by the invention of the Kilnascreen and the verification of clairvoyants that disease is shown in the aura before the onset of an illness, that the condition intensifies during illness and fades in convalescence, but leaves behind it a permanent imprint on the electrical field.

Dr. Alexander Cannon, who investigated the unseen self of man through the medium of hypnotized clairvoyant subjects, states that the aura is composed of myriads of threadlike lines of force. It appears very probable that a condition of illness would deflect the flow of electricity along these lines, and after recovery some of them would remain permanently deflected, thus showing the imprint of the past diseases and present weaknesses. It seems but a small step to the time when the cures for all diseases will be discovered by the observation of the auric reactions to the various electrical rays.

cross In past ages we have evidence that men where dimly aware of the electrical force in vegetation and metals. Many of the amulets worn by superstitious people can be proved as possessing a high electrical potency. The idea that an amber necklace for instance was the protector of good health can be seen as possessing a sound reason, since by friction amber will produce static electricity such as is sometimes used in the electrical therapy. ( Crystal Therapy is now becoming more and more popular also)  It is therefore easy to see that the amber, in the process of wear would receive friction from the movements of the wearer, either against the skin or against the clothing, and would cast forth some of the electrical force so derived into the aura of the wearer, and, no doubt, make good some vibratory  deficiency.

Electricity and Auras

There is no doubt about the fact that mankind radiates this electricity, but no scientist up to the present time has been able to define electricity in exact terms, therefore nobody is able to state whether man’s electricity is different from that which is harnessed for commercial and utilitarian purposes. The measure of electricity is in its reaction upon substances. It produces heat and light. When harnessed to the correct objects it can produce tremendous energy. Mans electricity produces heat in his body, the capacity to register light waves in the eye, the necessary energy to breathe the essential ether’s; to keep the heart beating, and to produce thought and movement. It would appear that the electrical power is basically identical, but man varies in his use and assimilation of the power.

psychic & spiritual energy

Let us consider the terrific vital powers of the natives living in their own environment;  In past times the hardy Scots and colonials. All of these people, traditionally, ate sparsely of products of the earth.  They worked mainly outdoors where the electrical power in the air is unconsciously utilized. The fact that the force in the air can be utilized by the human machine is evidenced by the various phenomena of Yoga and its attendant sciences, all of which are based on the control of the breathing apparatus, through which alone the air force can be converted into human force. We know about the marvels of the East, such as levitation’s, fire walking, stopping of the heart-beats and so forth, are prefaced by breath practice (pranayma) and selected practices for the strengthening of the will power. By these means the electrical force generated by the breathing exercises, concentrated in the aura, is directed to serve specific purposes, such as the production of seemingly abnormal phenomena.

In part 3 we will look at the formation of the Aura.

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