Alternative treatment for Plantar Facsiitis

Published on 14 November, 2016 | Crystal Healing

heelp pain

Crystals and Reflexology Combined

Consultation for Plantar Facsiitis

I first meet my client at our local sailing club, a guy who loves to keep himself in good health and busy, I noticed he was walking with a bit of a limp, one day we got talking and I asked had he hurt his foot?

He told me he has been suffering for almost a year with what the Doctors have described as Plantar Facsiitis, though he was getting no were fast with the treatments he was receiving.

heelp pain

I told him that I knew of this condition, and that reflexology would help along with some creams that I could make up for him, and would he like to call into my treatment room to talk more about this, so we made an appointment for the following Thursday night at 7pm to fill out the consultation form, it came to light that Client was getting a bit fed up with the whole situation, at work he was losing concentration and found himself a bit short tempered.

After talking with him and reassuring him that I knew what he was going through, Plantar’s Facsiitis is  trapped inflammation of the foot joints I had treated a lady last year with the same condition and had a very good result.

Having explained how reflexology can assist with this by massaging and gently pulling the feet in either direction, when massaging the feet I would normally use the thumb technique however with Plantar’s you would push the thumbs from the botClient of the heel up through to the base of the toe, walking around the backs of the heel rocking the heels back and forth.

It is said that people who suffer from this infection should consume ½ to 1 tsp of minced ginger daily this helps with the inflammation, I also made up a cream using pure ginger and the essential ginger oil to massage into the feet.

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Its important to work on both feet for about 30 minutes to help with the all-round circulation listening to your hands and how the client responds, a firm massage is best for this, taking care not to go to deep for too long in one area.

Client said he would like to try this for the next six weeks as he needs to get his life back on track and has tried so many other treatments in the past, he might as well give it a go.

We set a date for Client to start the treatments, before he arrived I cleansed the room with my White Mountain sage, which i just love the use off, placed a few Malachite, Smokey quartz and some Lapis Lazuli crystals under the treatment bed as these are my chosen crystal to work with.

After lighting a few candles called in my spirit guides and asked Archangel Raphael for his healing energy and to work by my side throughout the treatment for Client.

A music cd from my collection was ready to play when Client arrived to start his course of treatments, (Ocean wave’s relaxation by Natu Sounds).

After making up an Elixir using Lapis Lazuli the royal blue stone of the Egyptian Gods, which helps create dreams to reality connecting my mind to my heart and using the emotionally and mental force of the 2nd chakra (Solar Plexus), I asked the crystals for their healing energy for Client to help him receive the healing he needs to go forward on his path.

how crystals work crystal-cat

When Client arrived back at my treatment room to start the course, at 2pm on a cold wet day I brought him through to the room ran over the consultation form one more time to just make sure we hadn’t missed out on anything, he told me was taking tablets for the pain in his feet, which he had decided not to take anymore as they were making him sick and when he told the Doctor they just gave him more tablets to help with the sickness,

I gave Client a small class of the Elixir water and placed him on the couch, I wrapped a green blanket around him just to protect his own energy.

I asked Client that when he closed his eyes he would look for a deep blue ocean that flowed through the mountain’s so that he could place his feet into the clear running waters and except its healing energy.

Lowering the lights I then played the cd and asked Client to take 3 deep breaths before he closed his eyes, I also got him to smell the creams that I had made up for him, he thought it was a strong smell though he did like it. I sat at the end of the couch closed my eyes and called all my guides in for their  healing powers, I to took a deep breath while rotating Clients feet and holding onto his solar plexus just under the ball of the third toe.

While laying on the couch I asked Client if he could see the ocean yet? This he couldn’t do, so I took him on a journey through the forest and over a large green mound on the other side of the mound there the river flowed, I asked him to imagine placing his feet inside the running waters, feeling the healing energy, that was coming from the water except it with love for the highest good, his highest good as he was the one that needed this healing.

As I was working on Clients feet I could feel him pulling away I spoke softly and asked him to check out the sun in the sky feel its warmth on your face this made him smile and relax again, at the of the treatment i gave thanks to sun and water for their healing energy, Client had said he never heard anyone give a meditation like I had done and that it felt so good, he felt like he was in the water, and that the sun was so warm, he didn’t want to wake up from the treatment.

Malachite was used which is great for relieving pain when directly placed on the foot the Smokey Quartz cabochons is also effective and with its flat side on this crystal Client could wear this under his in- step throughout the day or even in bed, whichever he felt worked best for him, as I gave him the Smokey quartz home with him.

At the end of the treatment I gave Client the rest of the Elixir to drink I gave thanks to all my guides and Archangel Raphael.

After Client went home I set up a grid to cleanse the crystals that i had used throughout the treatment, after treating a client it is important to cleanse the crystals so that they can retain their effectiveness and strength,

By using the crystal grid methods to cleanse the Malachite, Smokey quarts, I used a clear double pointed quartz in-between each crystal in the shape of a triangle, this works well for me it helps to amplify their energy.

Clients treatment is still ongoing, he is feeling much better for giving up the tablets, which he has told his doctor about, through the reflexology Client has found he is sleeping mush better and believes he can feel an improvement in his right foot, he is still eating the ginger and is not as short tempered in work.

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