How to Feng Shui a High Rise Apartment

Published on 1 February, 2017 | Case Studies

high rise condo

Feng Shui Case Study on a high rise apartment

Location: 873 Sq Ft Condo in a high rise building

Issues: Finances/Health(Cancer)/Overall happiness

Goal: To keep cost at a minimum with a $500 budget while positively influencing current issues.

high rise condo

Consultation: Met with the owners of the condo whom wanted to know more about how to feng shui their apartment. They are a married couple in their mid twenties. The husband has a passion for woodworking and furniture building. She owns her own business doing Reiki while also working in an office. They are both experiencing health issues; he has lymphoma and she has mild to moderate diagnosed anxiety and sleeping issues. Their goal is to increase Finances and overall health. After discussing what their goals are I explained to them what Feng Shui is (practice of balancing elements within the environment) and how my goal is to decrease shar chi and increase positive chi. I explained what I would be doing and showed them the Ba Gua and my compass to further their understanding of the process. I started at the front door and worked my way around their condo taking note of my assessment. The condo had an open floor plan with the kitchen, dining room and living room all in one large area.


feng shui - Bagua
Used the Ba Gua and my compass to locate all sectors in the condo; Travel & Helpful People, Wisdom & Skills, Career, Love & Relationships, Family & Ancestors, Health, Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, Creativity & Children

Front door: -north wall- Scattered shoes, cluttered shelf; on top and inside doors (keys, gloves, leash, bags), cluttered coat closet, potted plants, large rectangular shelf

Kitchen: -north west corner and part of west wall- stove facing away from door inhibiting the person who is cooking from seeing who is entering the room, cluttered counters, open drains.

Living room:-south, southeast, southwest, east wall, clean, well lit, sectional, rectangular furniture

Dining room: -east wall- glass square table, white candles, pleasing to the eye and clean

open toilet

keep seat closed

Bedroom: -west and southwest- mattress on the floor, farthest room from front door, headboard facing north Bathroom: -north east section-blue shower curtain, blue towels, open toilet seat.

Office: -health sector- very cluttered, used as a storage room


Front door: I suggested they remove the clutter in the shelf and on top of the shelf as good chi will get lost before it even enters the household. I suggested they hang a mirror here with a few hooks to place keys and the leash on which would help alleviate clutter while also adding a water element. I suggested they remove the potted plants which destroys the water element and add some glass vases on top of the shelf.

Kitchen: I suggested they add a globe from their office into this area. They already had a few silver statues of Buddha in this area so I told them that was a good step in increasing the good chi here. I recommended they remove the clutter from this area and make sure their sinks remained plugged. We also added a little mirror above their stove so they could see who was coming into the room to help avoid anyone sneaking up on them and scaring them.

Living room:

white settee and round table   This room bordered the south, south east, southwest and east walls. Since it is clean, well lit, and pleasing to the eye I suggested they only had a few round furniture items like a rug or a homemade round end table, add more purple,red and green to the southeast corner and some red elements to the south wall.

Dining room: Since they had a glass table which isn’t ideal I suggested they add a bowl of fruit and a mirror from their office to the wall above the table to harness good chi.

Bedroom: I suggested the raise the mattress off the floor to help with sleeping issues and to allow better chi movement.    wedding photos in frameI suggested they move the headboard to face west or east if possible. We added some frames of their wedding photos in this room and placed some items such as frames and pink candles in pairs to help aid with romance chi.



Bathroom: Here I suggested they add more green to hell negate the water element so prevalent with the blues that are present. However we don’t want to get rid of too much of the blue energy as this is the skills and knowledge sector also. My only other recommendation in this room is to keep the toilet seat down so they do not flush away potential good chi.

buddha statues

Office: Recommended that they remove the clutter immediately as this is the health sector of their home and they are both experiencing health issues. We loved some of their potted plants into this room to hell the earth element. She had a collection of crystals in this room already so I suggested she display them. They were thinking about painting this room so I suggested muted shades of brown or yellow. We also placed one of her Buddha statues into this room.
2 week follow up & Client Feedback:

After returning 2 weeks later they said they noticed a substantial difference. They were both sleeping better and she was offered a better job with less stress. Her anxiety has come down and she has found better ways to deal with it. He is sleeping better in between chemotherapy treatments and says he feels much better throughout the day. They painted the office a muted yellow shade and she now displays her crystals in the clutterless office which makes the room feel much more light. He has built 2 round end tables which now sit on either side of the couch. They built a mirror with a silver metal frame which now sits on the west wall above their dining room table. They also placed a bowl with fresh fruit on the table. They have added some green towels into the bathroom and he built a headboard and bed base so that their mattress is off the floor. They did not rearrange their headboard as their bedroom does not have the space for this adjustment but with the rest of the changes I believe this will be fine. They believe that the main reason they feel so much better is because they have significantly decreased the amount of clutter they had in their household. Overall they were very pleased and recommend Feng Shui treatments to their friends now. This case study was great in helping me put the puzzle pieces together and seeing how to utilise this practice in everyday life!

End of Consultation:

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