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Why do we get ill?

Published on 6 May, 2014 | Holistic Therapy

Meanings of Symptoms from a Metaphysical Point of View Why do we get ill? Continuing with the previous post “What does your illness really mean” In this post I will reveal some of the most common reasons from a Metaphysical point of view and  the reasons they occur.  Understand also that Reiki Healing can be used on […]

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Understanding Toxins

Published on 14 January, 2014 | Holistic Therapy

What are Toxins? Toxins are substances which we perceive as bad for us in high dosages such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, red meat etc.  While its true that these can be toxic for our body when taken in certain high doses, they are not the only things we should be thinking about when learning how […]

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How to promote your Holistic Business

Published on 10 January, 2014 | Holistic Therapy

Promote your Holistic Business Many business are feeling the pinch this year, with increasing bills and outgoings quite a lot of therapists are choosing to work from home. This not only saves money on expensive premises, rents, heating etc but as well as keeping your overheads down it also offers you the flexibility to work […]

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Are we all healers?

Published on 6 January, 2014 | Holistic Therapy

Are we all healers? We all have the ability to heal and everybody without exception has this ability. You do not have to be classed as a professional  to enable you to heal. Healing energy can transmit through you naturally, find out how. 

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Interpreting Tarot Cards

Published on 17 December, 2013 | Holistic Therapy

  Interpreting Tarot Cards By: Isabella   Interpreting the Tarot cards is an attempt to acquire knowledge of the past, present or future through insight and intuition. Being able to read the patterns from the card images is the key to revealing what is happening beneath the surface and what is likely to result from this.

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Calling on Angels

Published on 5 November, 2013 | Holistic Therapy

Calling on Angels If you believe in angels then you most likely quite often chat away happily to yours however did you know that there are more than just yours out there and lots of helpful guides to help us and others in our daily lives.

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The Lovers in Tarot

Published on 25 October, 2013 | Holistic Therapy

THE LOVERS There has been much written about the lovers in tarot so for this article I am going to write in more detail how this card relates depending on the subject. After all if this card comes up when your client has asked about a job, its is unlikely that you are going to […]

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Aura Colours

Published on 23 October, 2013 | Holistic Therapy

Understanding Auric Colours Understanding aura colours – The aura is an energy field, which emanates from the surface of a person or object.Everyone and everything has an aura. The field of energy around our physical body forms our aura and is visualized as an outline of cascading colour. Every thought, feeling and experience we have […]

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Reiki Healing

Published on 16 October, 2013 | Holistic Therapy

Treating Your Client With Reiki It is nice to clear the room with incense or smudging, have dim lighting and play some relaxing soft music when doing a Reiki treatment. Stand at your client’s head and assume Kanji 1 and or/Kanji 2 to centre yourself. Make sure to connect to the earth and ground yourself […]

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Mount Apollo – Palm reading

Published on 15 October, 2013 | Holistic Therapy

Palmistry and Beginners Guide to Palm Reading Learn all about Palmistry and Palm Reading, including detailed meanings behind the different types of hands, lines on the hands, areas on the hands, and much more with the Palmistry and Beginner’s Guide to Palm Reading Book for the Kindle.

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Published on 15 October, 2013 | Holistic Therapy

Numerology Numerology is a branch of the occult which attaches meanings to numbers. According to the principles of numerology, it is possible to learn a great deal about a person by calculating the numbers involved with his or her name and birthdate. Numerology is also used to analyze texts, messages in dreams, and so forth, […]

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Human Aura Part 11 – Final part

Published on 2 October, 2013 | Holistic Therapy

Mediums and how they work In part 10 we discussed how mediums  work and in this final part we will look further into this subject and how mediums offer displays of levitation, ectoplasm and independent voices.

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Human Aura Part 10 – Mediums

Published on 30 September, 2013 | Holistic Therapy

HOW MEDIUMS WORK In part 9 we discussed  the Psychic Phenomena and how this affects the aura. In this part we will continue but will learn more about how mediums work.

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Crystal Water and Essence

Published on 24 September, 2013 | crystals | Holistic Therapy

Gem Essences Gem essences allow the very subtle vibrations of crystals to interact within our own subtle energy fields to provide a healing treatment with crystals. They can be used by anyone and will even benefit pets, flowers and plants.

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Human Aura Part 9

Published on 16 September, 2013 | Holistic Therapy | Understaning Auras

Psychic  Phenomena – Mediums Ursula Roberts -Psychic Medium –  Died 27th October 1996. In part 8 we discussed metaphysical healing which has been shown to yield some amazing results. In this part we are going to discuss the Psychic Phenomena and how this affects the aura.

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