Crystal Healing Exercise for Enhancing Fertility

Published on 29 July, 2012 | alternative therapies | crystals

Crystals for Enhancing Fertility by Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Dalke First, choose a stone that you intuitively feel is right for increasing female fertility.  If you are unsure, the following stones are universally known for their connection with fertility and reproduction: Druzy Chrysocolla, Jade (especially in the form of a four-footed dragon – either Jadeite […]

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Crystals have been used for healing since ancient times

Published on 24 July, 2012 | alternative therapies | crystals

Crystal Healing Crystals have been used for healing since ancient times by many different cultures. This is a truly wonderful holistic therapy, which means that the focus is on the individual as a whole, rather than on the physical symptoms alone. The aid of this therapy is to restore wholeness, balance and health on levels […]

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Gemstone Therapy

Published on 12 July, 2012 | crystals | Free courses | Holistic Therapy | reiki | Tarot

Gemstone Therapy (also connected with Crystal Healing) Gemstone therapy is a new-age alternative healing method that has its roots in both in the Hindu religion and medieval medical practices. In the 13th and 14th centuries, gemstone elixirs were made from water and powdered gemstones and prescribed for a variety of ailments to the nobles and […]

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The Beauty of Crystals

Published on 13 June, 2012 | crystals

The Beauty Of Crystals By: Michelle Bery Both fragile and strong; equally mythical and of the earth; functional and decorative – are a solid material, often clear but sometimes colored, that are formed from chemicals that becomes solidified. Crystals can be identified by their lead content which adds a weight to the material while also […]

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Crystal Therapy – Healing Properties of Jasper

Published on 12 February, 2012 | crystals

JASPER By: Mercedes Aspland In this article we are going to look at what crystal therapy is, as well as the properties of jasper. Once we have explored the properties of jasper we will consider ways in which you can use it to your advantage and the conditions that can be helped by jasper.

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How to charge your crystals

Published on 30 January, 2011 | crystals

All crystals carry their own vibration and depending on which type of crystal you are working with you more than likely want to prepare them first. Learn how to charge and dedicate your crystals ready for use.

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Crystal Water

Published on 16 November, 2010 | crystals

By drinking a few glassfuls of crystal water every day you will build up your auric defences. This will also build up your immune system that will help in your body’s defence against colds and flu.

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How to make Gem Essence

Published on 29 May, 2010 | alternative therapies | crystals

A gem essence provides a balanced pattern of specific energy that operates in the same way as a subliminal tape. It plays the same pattern of vibrations over and over again. This sets up a sympathetic rhythm in the etheric, which picks up the positive blueprint that the physical body ultimately copies. While taking herbal remedies affects the etheric and the physical body, gem elixirs also affect the emotional, mental and spiritual subtle bodies.

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