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Jasmine essential oils – aromatherapy

Published on 10 July, 2013 | Aromatherapy

The Rose is known as the ‘Queen of oils’ but the Jasmine is considered to be the ‘King of Oils’. It is very costly to make and is therefore, like rose, one of the more expensive essential oils.

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Tips to communicate with Angels

Published on 19 May, 2013 | Angels

Tips to communicate with Angels Working with Angels is now becoming more and more popular. People have always communicated with their angels and guides however not everyone is aware of just how easy it is. Angels work and walk amongst us all and we only have to acknowledge their existence and ask them for advise or help and they are more […]

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Hot Stone Massage

Published on 29 April, 2013 | Aromatherapy | Holistic Therapy

  Hot Stone Massage     Hot Stone Massage by Jane Wyvern Do you know what hot stone massage is? Ever tried taking advantage of this therapeutic marvel? If you haven’t, then read on about what this kind of massage is and what benefits it can provide for you.

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Contraindications in Aromatherapy

Published on 15 April, 2013 | alternative therapies | Aromatherapy


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Benefits of Massage without a spa or club

Published on 12 March, 2013 | alternative therapies | Aromatherapy

Benefits Of Massage Without A Spa Or Club By Jodi Garrett It is easy to get the benefits of massage without a spa or club. Getting a massage frequently can do more than make you feel pampered. It is therapeutic and available for the home, in the office, or anywhere you are feeling the need […]

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Colour Breathing

Published on 6 March, 2013 | Accreditation | Colour Therapy

Air is permeated with forces of light and colour energy so we can breathe this vital force into us

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Aromatherapy oils for self esteem

Published on 25 February, 2013 | Aromatherapy

Sometimes a person can feel that they lack confidence, are hesitant, don’t really like themselves and are wanting to change.

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Colour Therapy & Music

Published on 3 February, 2013 | Colour Therapy

MUSIC AND COLOUR Colour and music are closely linked as they are both vibrations. As a colour vibration slows down, it becomes a sound. Thus every colour has a sound and every sound a colour. If you think of an electric storm, first we see the flash of lightening and then a little while later […]

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Why have a hopi ear candling treatment

Published on 21 October, 2012 | alternative therapies | Holistic Therapy

Having a Hopi Ear Candle Treatment Hopi ear candles are widely recognise as the most effective method of removing excess wax from the ear and rebalancing internal pressure. By doing so, a large number of conditions associated with the Ear, Nose and Throat can be treated.

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Gem Essence for Health

Published on 18 October, 2012 | alternative therapies | crystals

Taking Gem Essences Add between two to five drops of gem essence to a glass of spring water. Sip this at intervals throughout the day. You can either determine intuitively or dowse with a pendulum as to how much you should be taking. learn how to use a pendulum with our simple to follow guide: 

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Introduction to Aromatherapy

Published on 4 October, 2012 | Aromatherapy

Beginners Guide to Aromatherapy In this introduction guide you will learn that  Aromatherapy has been considered down through the century as a remedy that soothes the body and mind. The remedies are said to relieve symptoms coming from a variety of diseases. In addition, the remedies are claimed to relieve stress, anxiety, nervous tension, and […]

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How love affects your Aura

Published on 1 October, 2012 | Accreditation | alternative therapies | Free courses

Love and your Aura The intensity with which such people can love when the emotions are transmuted to a higher centre, such as the heart, may in time transform them from sinners into saints; for upon our capacity to love depends our own spiritual advancement. We might say, too, that upon our capacity to love […]

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Holistic approach to health

Published on 25 September, 2012 | alternative therapies

Take the holistic approach to healing While some would view the holistic approach to treating illness and disease contrary to the wisdom of conventional medicine, quite the opposite is true in most cases. In fact, most conventional physicians view a patient with a desire to work to improve their overall health as refreshing.

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Himalayan Salts & Lamps

Published on 21 September, 2012 | alternative therapies | beauty at home

Himalayan Salts In contrast to your everyday or normal bath salts the Himalayan salts allow the salt to be stored in the upper callus layer of the skin and binds water. This then actually maintains a natural and protective film on the skin and the skin does not dry out. This is the reason why these salt […]

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Tarot -Suit of Coins

Published on 18 September, 2012 | Future predictions | Simply Tarot | Tarot

Tarot – Coins Coins/Pentacles/Discs This suit represents the material aspects of our lives – our finances and possessions, accomplishments, manifestations, business, trade, land, home, our level of abundance. The Coins also represent our bodies’ level of vitality, connection to the Earth and Nature, and our genetic heredity.

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