Health and Nutrition Case Study

Health and Nutrition Case Study

world in hand

 Introduction to Client – Prior to our appointment, I requested Client complete a simple 3-day diary to bring with her. I asked her to record what she ate and drank each day including times and quantities/volumes, and also to make note of any exercise or physical activity. Continue reading
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Colour Therapy Case Study

This is a case study of a colour therapy treatment. You will see by this just how versatile this natural therapy really is. Colour healing courses Continue reading

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Health & Nutrition Case Study

Health and Nutrition Case Study -

Time started:12:00 Time finished: 13:00 Details of treatment

 Mid-Section of an Overweight Man Sitting on a Park Bench With Take-Away Food

Patient came to me for advice based on previous medical problems and recent general health problems. Before attending the consultation I advised the patient to complete a blood test and bring the results with him. He is a 33 year old male who doesn’t class himself as very active due to using public transport around Barcelona and sitting all day working in an office job. This health and nutrition case study will show how I worked with this client. Continue reading

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Reflexology Case Study

Reflexology Treatment/Case Study

foot massage

I welcomed Client & explained to Client as to how long the treatment would take and that I would speak to her after treatment in regards to any reflexes that are out of balance. I took her hand and showed her several techniques such as snaking, the mole technique. She elected to have a  reflexology foot treatment and I reassured her that I would ease up if any area feels sensitive and there are no worries if she falls asleep during treatment.  Continue reading

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NLP Case Study



Client arrived for her NLP consultation presenting with very low mood, she had recently been to her GP who prescribed her anti-depressants, this was 4 weeks ago and her mood is still low. On entry to the treatment room she presented with quite hunched shoulders and sad expression on her face.  She told me that two years ago she suffered from breast cancer, and she had a continual worry of this recurring, also recently a friend she made during chemotherapy has unfortunately passed away.
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Health and Nutrition Case Study

Case study of Male aged 59 years – with High Cholesterol, Sinus problems
Time started: 4pm Time finished: 4:45pm
Details of treatment Continue reading

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Why do we get ill?

Meanings of Symptoms from a Metaphysical Point of View

healing with holisticsWhy do we get ill? Continuing with the previous post “What does your illness really mean” In this post I will reveal some of the most common reasons from a Metaphysical point of view and  the reasons they occur.  Understand also that Reiki Healing can be used on any of the symptoms below and will offer very positive results.  Continue reading

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What does your Illness really mean?

Why do we get ill?

holistic health

People often think illness happens by accident or that is may be determined by fate, others may see someone getting ill as a punishment even coming from a higher source or power. It would appear that little is understood about the inner meaning of illness pain and suffering.  Continue reading

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Crystal Tips and Connections

6 Crystal Tips

BeFunky_assorted crystals.jpgCrystals can really help in certain situations and knowing which crystal to choose is a great help so here are a few tips:

Help Clear the Air - use amethyst to help your home or rooms feel fresher. Placing this crystal in any room will help to clear and energise the area, especially good if there has been  a recent argument or upset in a particular room.

Easing Worries – Blue calcite works on the mind to help ease worries and green calcite can help to soothe emotions and feelings. If you would like to attract a bit of spiritual tranquillity then try golden calcite which will help to bring a calm feeling to both yourself and those around you.

Aches and pains – Rose quartz is perfect to add to your bath to help energy gently wash over you and to sooth away aches and pains.

Detox and Energy Boost – If you are in need of an energy boost then hold a garnet crystal for 30 minutes or carry it with you in your pocket for the day. Its a great detox and will help cleanse the blood and get rid of any toxins.

Travelling with Turquoise –  If you are out and about and doing lots of short or stressful journeys then caryy a piece of turquoise to help to protect you whilst travelling and to help keep you safe from any misfortune.

Noisy Neighbours – place some pyrite on each window ledge and some malachite next to your bed.

Learn more about crystals – If you would like to learn crystal therapy then our practitioner accredited courses are a great way to study this subject from home.


Learn to heal using crystals with - crystal therapy diploma course

Learn to heal using crystals with – crystal therapy diploma course

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History of Crystals

History of Crystals

crystal grid
The first known use of crystals by human beings dates back to the Stone Age, when man first used flint for tools and weapons. Many centuries later the Mayans valued Obsidian for its ability to produce a sharp edge or point for spears and knives, and also to form magical mirrors which they believed allowed them to see into the future. Continue reading

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